Diet Dr. hay

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the Famous American nutritionist Howard hay was able to establish that absolutely all foods are digested by the body quite differently. Accordingly, the process of assimilation is totally different.

For example, a squirrel that is in the egg, and fruits necessary additional level of acidity to properly digest them. Sugars and potato starch required alkaline environment, and for carbohydrate utilization desired monosaccharides (one of the simplest forms of carbohydrates).

If the person is mindlessly mixing different foods, the digestive tract will not be able to handle it, resulting in bloating, discomfort, heartburn and shlakobetonnye. With a diet Dr. hay we can consider specific features of digestive process and biochemical mechanisms of digestion. As a basic tenet of Dr. hay suggests separating the food between them, depending on its nature.

According to the rules of diet Dr hay, foods that increase the level of alkali in the blood (such products include vegetables, fruits (mostly) and milk), used approx 4 times more than the mass of other food. It is the ratio as close as possible to the pH balance of the fluids, which emit in the process of life organism.

List the main tenets of the diet

-high carbohydrate food should be consumed apart from proteins and acidic fruit.

-it is important to observe the interval between the receptions of different types of food (at least 4 hours).

All food should be consumed only in small quantities.

-Should give up refined foods (frankfurters, wieners or sausages).

Dr Haye's diet menu

the 1st day. Start the day with yogurt with strawberry. Towards noon eat pork, oven baked with vegetables (carrot fit), political applesauce. In addition, you can eat the peach. For dinner you can cook potatoes, seasoned sweet corn.

the 2nd day. For Breakfast eat a small whole wheat piece of bread. Add to that a banana. For lunch take boiled millet with corn (you can add a little salad). Let the dinner consists of salad: take carrots, beets or turnips and add the liver.

the 3rd day. In the morning you can make about the same as the first day Breakfast. Lunchtime – pie with vegetables, you can replace it with steamed vegetables. For lunch eat a few grapes or cashews. For dinner, eat a baked cheese cod. Add to that a little vegetable salad (can also be carrot, cabbage and sweet peas). In addition to this, take an Apple or a peach.

the 4th day. In the morning, eat a small melon. As lunch is fine, a small baked (remember about the dangers of fried) chicken, add to this a small fruit salad of Mandarin oranges mixed with chopped kiwi. For dinner you can eat vegetable salad (tomatoes, a little cabbage). You can also complete dinner cream of bananas with nuts.

the 5th day. As a morning meal perfect the same yogurt with fruit (peach can be replaced with a nectarine). In the middle of the day, boil the potatoes by sprinkling the beans. Complete lunch salad. As the evening meal you can take watercress salad (add beets, turnips or onions), in addition to which you can eat classic scrambled eggs with cheese (you can also add tomatoes and peas).

the 6th day. First cook the crushed grains. Lunch will consist of a solid serving of fruit salad (can be used both fresh and dried fruit), add some nuts. In the evening cook in the oven chicken with mushrooms. Complete the dinner with a small salad of fresh vegetables.

the 7th day. Start the morning with a small orange. Lunch can consist of vegetable soup and a small pear. For dinner is to cook more chopped lean meat with vegetables. Can treat yourself to raspberries or strawberries and cream.

the 8th day. As the first meal prepare you are already familiar banana walnut puree. Add to this a couple of toasts. For lunch, boil the potatoes and add thereto as garnish pepper. In addition to this – a bit of watercress (you should add fresh vegetables). For dinner, eat poached eggs and small vegetable casseroles.

the 9th day. Prepare your own muesli (you can add banana puree). For lunch, the perfect soup with vegetables and a small salad. In the evening I can cook a roast Turkey (take as garnish salad).

10 day. In the morning you can eat the usual yogurt and a small Apple. Lunch should make a completely vegetable – suitable corn, served with beets. You can eat a small coconut. Dinner consists of a beef casserole (add some mushrooms, tomatoes and cabbage), after the main meal, eat jelly made of fruit juice.

the 11th day. Breakfast — fruit puree of banana and avocado. Prepare a lunch of boiled brown rice with small portion of salad. Add walnuts. Dinner will consist of classic scrambled eggs with vegetables (suitable corn).

the 12th day. Breakfast cook bananas with cream and nuts, can low-fat yogurt. Lunch – casserole of vegetables with sesame walnut. You can add potatoes with vegetables. Dinner consists of baked cod with vegetables.

the 13th day. In the morning cook porridge from millet and dried fruit day vegetable soup with lentils (remember that the bread should be whole wheat). In the evening, prepare the steak of lean meat with mushrooms, there also add tomatoes and carrots. Complete the meal with a small fruit salad – suitable pineapples, apples and tangerines.

the 14th day. For Breakfast, eat low-fat yogurt. Add to that small Apple. Lunch – sandwich with bananas (best baked). Dinner consists of lean steak garnished with mushrooms and tomato. After the main meal, eat a baked Apple with nuts and whipped cream.

the Above diet, Dr. hay, of course, is very suitable for those people who want to adjust your regime and food composition, as well as get rid of excessive tendency to overeat. It's easy to assume that such a diet can be a great way to lose weight, but it is worth remembering – in this case you get rid of weight for the most part in due to the decrease in the amount of consumed fat.