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Colorful diet


If you listen to nutritionists, it turns out, our food has color, and different colors. Let's see what colors has our morning food, lunch and dinner. This colorful food is correct. Our predecessors believed all days of the week have their own specific planet, which, in turn, correspond to its color.

the First day of the week corresponds to the planet Moon and is white in shade;

Tuesday – under the red planet of Mars.

the Middle of the week – the color of straw, the planet mercury;

Day four – Venus herbal colors;

Friday – lilac Jupiter;

the Penultimate day of the week – Saturn resin;

And finally, the last day of the orange Sun.

Colouring elements in foods, useful vitamins and minerals have a variety of taste and heals the human body.

Colorful diet for weight loss

This diet is based on eating colorful fruits and vegetables, can be considered one version of separation of power, because it separately digested proteins, fats and acids separately, of course, also separately.

interestingly, with this diet you are entitled to choose the order of days, and color to the days you can set as you like.

the main ingredients for our mixed diet:

Monday, white potatoes, pasta, egg whites boiled, cauliflower, meat, fish, low-fat sour cream, white rice, the inside of the coconut, boiled squid, fresh milk. Carbohydrates – the main value of such food.

Tuesday coral: tomatoes, a little red wine, pepper and beans of the corresponding color, sweet cherry, berry, currant, cooked nice beet, huh? Products listed "chase" the blood through the vessels, raise your health and mood. That day when you will have such Goodies, you can visit the gym or take a walk.

Straw Wednesday: bright peppers, boiled yolk of egg, of fruit – peaches, apricots, pineapples and bananas, sweet apples, ripe corn, amber transparent honey tea. Cheerful mood with such ingredients you provided. In addition, mental activity will bring good results.

Thursday, the flowers of the grass: a day of green vegetables, lettuce, strong, crisp cucumbers, sweet kiwi. Of the chemical elements this is particularly true for magnesium. Many data products and chlorophyll. These substances strengthen the Central nervous system, build muscle mass and do not give hormones to increase in number or to be in the negative.

Friday dark purple: today you can eat a lot of berries violet tones, namely, blueberries, plums, black grapes, bunches of currants. Metabolism in the day wanes, and the heart and blood vessels become stronger and healthier. Engaged fitness and aerobics.

Saturday in black: the first output is desirable to do fasting. Drink plenty of mineral water.

Sunday, full of orange spray exotic papaya, orange, tomato, mango, salmon meat, the flesh of pumpkin, carrot, ripe peaches. All these products are rich in fiber, it contains carotene, which helps to look younger. Besides eating them, you will get the flu.

to Subject the frying ingredients is not recommended, they will change color.