Model diet

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Jealous of the models, we often do not think about the sacrifices that they are forced to make on the altar of beauty. What is a model diet that allows you to maintain perfect form?

Diet for 2 weeks

This diet is for 2 weeks – it allows you to gradually adjust the weight (on average manages to lose 4-5 kg). The emphasis here falls on protein products. Sugar is excluded, salt is limited or excluded.

• Breakfast: low fat yoghurt, a boiled egg, slice of lean ham and a Cup of coffee
• Lunch: onion soup, rye crouton, vegetables
• Dinner: slice low-fat cheese, 100 g of boiled meat and tea.

• Breakfast: rye toast, orange, tea
• Lunch: 100 g shrimp with greens, 100 grams of meat boiled a serving of nonfat yogurt
• Dinner: steam cauliflower with soy sauce, jacket potatoes – 1-2 PCs., tea and rye toast.

• Breakfast: 100 g low-fat fresh cheese, a slice of lean ham, coffee
• Lunch: stewed cabbage with mushrooms and greens, and kiwi – 2 PCs.
• Dinner: steam or stew fish — 100 g nonfat yogurt

• Breakfast: small banana, cereal, tomato juice, coffee
• lunch: a boiled egg, steamed sea bass, 100 g
• Dinner: fresh vegetables (you can make a salad), baked beans with chopped greens, tea.

• Breakfast: boiled egg, low fat yogurt, tea
• Dinner: 100 g of boiled beets and rice porridge with soy sauce, tomato juice
• Dinner: skim milk, 50 g low-fat cheese, 100 g of fresh cream minimum fat content

• Breakfast: muesli with skim milk or yogurt, coffee
• lunch: a boiled egg, braised liver – 100-150 g, low-fat yogurt
• Dinner: cabbage salad with chopped greens, rye toast, kiwi, tea

• Breakfast: boiled egg, slice of low-fat cheese, tea
• Lunch: cabbage salad, 90-100 grams of rice porridge and boiled mushrooms, orange juice
• Dinner: 150 grams of beef liver, skim milk

as a snack you can drink vegetable broth or freshly made juices. Menu second week is similar.

Hard three-day diet models

a strict diet takes 2-3 kg of excess weight.

• Breakfast: a boiled egg and tea
• lunch (in 2-2.5 hours): 100-130 g of cottage cheese minimal fat, tea
• Lunch (another 2-2.5 hours): 200 g of cottage cheese minimal fat, tea
• Dinner: still water

Diet models 1000 kcal

the Duration of this diet is 2-4 days. Weight loss is 0.5-1kg per day. To kill the appetite, is recommended during the day drink a hot liquid (water, tea).

• Breakfast: soft-boiled eggs – 1-2 pieces of rye toast with a transparent layer of oil, 50 g chicken fillet, boiled, tea or water
• In between Breakfast and lunch: hot water or tea
• Lunch: 100 g of fish fillets in steam or boiled, 300 g green vegetables, sweet and sour fruit, tea or water
• In the interval between lunch and dinner: water or tea
• Dinner: rye toast with thin layer of butter – 2 PCs., tea
• After dinner: water or tea

Additional recommendations

Deciding to lose weight on the model diet, get ready for the constant hunger. If you are close to failure, take an extra vegetable snack (eat raw carrots, cucumber or artichoke). If the food seems too bland, pripravljena her ginger and / or chopped parsley. Ginger will enrich the taste of products and will spur the process of weight loss. Parsley will help to cope with increased appetite and contribute to intestinal cleansing.


the Model diet (in either case) facilitates rapid weight loss. Reviews say that hungry mode often leads to the appearance of unpleasant symptoms (these include dizziness, increased irritability, etc.). To begin a diet only in the absence of health problems.