Diet for inflammation of the pancreas

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inflammation of the pancreas accompanied by severe pain syndrome. One step in treatment is establishing a therapeutic meal plan — diet for inflammation of the pancreas must be adhered to strictly.

Diet in acute inflammation

Acute symptoms usually removed quickly, but this does not mean that the inflammation could cope – the disease is characterized by sluggish during (it becomes chronic). During an acute attack of pancreatitis (so called inflammation of the pancreas), the patient is recommended to abstain from taking food (the duration of this stage does not exceed 3 days). Fasting does not cause difficulties in the acute period usually is completely no appetite. Patients are advised to drink warm non-carbonated mineral water. The lack of food quickly relieves acute pain (at rest, the pancreas doesn't produce enzymes and because they erode the mucosa and cause pain).

Diet after acute

After abatement of acute symptoms the patient is transferred on a sparing diet. The diet prescribed for the inflammation of the pancreas, includes products with normal content of proteins and carbohydrates (essential restriction affects fats). From the menu patient excludes products containing essential oils, oxalic acid, cholesterol, purines. Increased content of lipotropic substances, pectin, liquid. It is recommended to eat 5-6 times a day. Products should boil, bake, at least — to put out. They can not grind. Carefully fray only rich in crude fiber vegetables and stringy meats. Completely eliminated very cold drinks and meals. Rate of salt is limited to 10 g/day.


the basis of the diet are:
• Wheat bread baking yesterday
• nesdobnoe Baked dough stuffed with cottage cheese, apples, meat
• Dry biscuits
• App cookies
• Milk soups with pasta
• First courses vegetable broth (without the contents)
• Fruit soups
• Boiled or baked after boiling the fish
• products made of minced fish (souffles, dumplings, etc.)
• lean and lean meat without rough parts (tendons, connective tissue) – piece (boiled, baked after boiling), products made from minced
• sausages, lean ham
• Dairy products low fat (milk, kefir, curdled milk, curd, acidophilus milk, mild cheese)
• Vegetable oil (refined)
• butter
• selection of cereals (porridge and cereal)
• Protein steam omelet
• Eggs
• Vegetables (fresh, boiled, steamed)
• non-acidic fruits and berries boiled, baked, fresh
• Dried fruits, compotes, mousses, marshmallows, jellies, jelly, marmalade, jam
• Honey, sugar and caramel
• Juice
• Coffee with milk, tea, broth hips, decoction of wheat bran
• Fruit gravy
• sour cream, milk, and vegetable sauces.
• Cinnamon and vanilla
• Parsley and dill

Diet excludes:
• Fresh bread
• Fried pies
• Pastries made with puff pastry
• Mushroom, fish, meat broth
• the Hash, green cabbage
• canned Fish
• Salty, fatty, smoked fish
• Meat fat varieties.
• by-products
• Smoked canned foods
• Fatty dairy products
• the Chicken fat, lamb, beef, and pork fat.
• Legumes
• Fried and hard-boiled eggs
• Spinach, mushrooms, green onions, sorrel, radish, radish, garlic
• Pastry cream
• Any pickled vegetables
• Ice cream and chocolate
• Sour fruits and berries
• Cold and carbonated beverages
• Alcohol
• Cocoa and black coffee
• Horseradish, mustard, pepper


Diet for inflammation of the pancreas helps to avoid the onset of acute symptoms. To adhere to the dietary restrictions should be on a permanent basis.