Diet 1A

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The main characteristics of the diet

With pus (gastric ulcer) this diet observe the first 6-8 days of treatment. In the case of acute gastritis nutritional therapy is prescribed for 2-4-th day of treatment. Also, this treatment table is recommended for burns of the esophagus. Action diet aimed at reducing inflammation, accelerating the healing of ulcers. The diet is characterized by a decrease in caloric intake is partly due to the fats and proteins but mostly carbohydrates. Cut the proportion of salt. The exception shall be the items contributing to the increase of gastric secretion or irritant acting on the mucous membrane. Foods boiled or steamed in water, served in liquid or pasty form. Completely eliminated hot and very cold food. Patients should eat fractionally (6 times per day), small portions. At night it is recommended to drink milk.

the chemical composition of the diet distributes products are as follows:
• Proteins – 80 g/day (30-40% should come from plant proteins)
• Fats – not more than 80-90 g (80% of animal origin)
• Carbohydrates — 200 g

Normal table salt is limited to 8 g/day, and the norm of free fluid – 1.5 L. the Energy value of the diet is reduced to 1900-2000 calories.

Diet diet

Diet number 1A dictates severe restrictions in the diet. Bread and any flour products and fresh vegetables, snacks, spices and sauces from the menu of the patient are excluded.

• From category liquid foods are recommended mucous soups made from semolina, rice, oats, barley cereals. In the first dish, you can add egg-milk mixture, cream, butter.

• a variety of meat products is limited to dietary varieties: beef, veal, rabbit meat, chicken and Turkey. Meat is mandatory is freed from fascia, tendons, fat and skin. It is boiled, and then several times passed through a meat grinder and fed 1 time a day in a steam souffle or mashed potatoes. Instead of meat, you can feed a sick soufflé fish filet. The priority of lean fish (before cooking soufflés fish boil, get rid of the skin).

• the Important role played by dairy products (milk, cream, cheese). The cheese should be very fresh and sour. It is served in a steam souffle (grains of curd carefully grind). Diet excludes milk drinks, sour cream, cheese, cottage cheese in its natural form.

• Eggs from the menu should not be excluded. Patients can eat up to 2 pieces a day. Boiled eggs soft-boiled or prepared in the form of steam scrambled eggs (scrambled or hard-boiled eggs are banned).

• Grits mandatory included in the diet menu. Patients should eat pureed liquid porridge made from rice, buckwheat and oats. Welcome porridge made from semolina and cereal flour. Porridge can be cooked with cream or milk.

• sweet welcome honey, sugar, jelly (including milk), jelly, sweet varieties of fruits and berries. Raw and unripe fruit, and any pastry from the menu of the patient are excluded.

• the patient may drink a decoction of rose hips, loosely brewed tea with milk or cream, juices of sour fruits and berries (juices diluted with sugar water). Fall under the ban of cocoa, coffee, any fizzy drinks.

• Of fat allowed to eat refined vegetable oil and unsalted butter.


acute peptic ulcer disease and gastritis diet brings relief 1A is confirmed by the reviews. To comply with dietary restrictions required the doctor recommended time.