Diet while breastfeeding

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Key recommendations

Previously it was thought that all nursing mothers should strictly adhere to certain dietary restrictions. Today, this recommendation is no longer considered relevant. In most cases it is enough to observe principles of a balanced diet. Carefully consider the diet necessary in the case of breastfeeding mothers or members of her family with a tendency to allergies.

Recommendations for menu planning

the Main rule is the optimal balance: diet during breastfeeding should include all nutrients. The main sources of protein are:
• Lean meat
• Fish of different varieties
• Egg
• Dairy and milk products low fat (cottage cheese, yogurt, etc.)
• Tofu
• Legumes

Fats enter the body with the dairy products. They are present in fish and meat. Also should pay attention to vegetable oils. Is spam are refractory animal fats and margarine (butter of good quality is quite acceptable).

Carbohydrates are a young mother can obtain with cereals, fruit, vegetables, pasta of wheat flour. Plant food provides the body with fiber, which and do not nutritional value, it is extremely necessary for the proper functioning of the digestive tract. To maintain water balance is recommended to drink plenty of fluids (in the priority of water without gas).

Diet for weight loss prescribed for breastfeeding involves a fractional power mode (you need to eat 4-6 times a day in small portions). Twice a day should be consumed hot dishes (for the maintenance of lactation). In moments of weakness and dizziness is recommended to drink warm sweetened tea with toast or dry biscuits.

Diet due to allergies

If the relatives of nursing mothers or she identified Allergy to any product, and if the child after drinking breast milk rash, you should drop some allergic products. The diet recommended to expand gradually, be sure to enter recording products in a diary. "Experimenting" should be in the morning, and the serving size new food should be negligible. Only making the lack of negative reaction, you can increase the rate of consumption of proven product and enter a new one.

it is Important to remember that an allergic reaction often manifests itself immediately – the result can be evaluated after 2-3 days. If new foods provoke the child change stool, itch or rashes, then "new" should be postponed for about a month, then trying again. It is important to remember that after 6 months of breastfeeding allergens from breast milk almost do not penetrate into the blood of a kid – starting with this period, you gradually abandon the strict dietary restrictions.

Hypoallergenic diet includes the following foods and products:
• Cereals (corn, buckwheat, barley)
• Lean pork, rabbit meat and Turkey
• Green vegetables
• Soaked potatoes
• Baked apples
• dried fruit Compote
• Useful types of bread (branny, whole wheat)
• Baking without sugar and eggs (fructose)

the propensity for allergies under the ban are:
• Cocoa and chocolate
• Nuts
• eggs
• Whole cow's milk
• Legumes
• Citrus fruits
• Seafood


diet during breastfeeding for weight loss depends on the condition of mom and baby. If there are no problems, it is enough to refuse only from frankly "junk" food like chips, flavored crackers, etc. but if allergic, you will have to think carefully about the diet.