Diet 4A

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the fermentation Processes in the intestine creates a lot of problems. To solve them allows diet 4A at Pevsner.

The main characteristics of the diet

This diet is recommended for celiac enteropathy (in malabsorption), as well as celiac disease. Diet 4A is used for chronic colitis, enterocolitis and other intestinal diseases, occurring against the backdrop of the growing process of fermentation.

the Main characteristic of this methodology is the exclusion from the diet of grains (it is necessary to forget about bread, semolina, pasta). In nutrition increase the proportion of salts of calcium and protein. Food should not irritate the digestive tract both mechanically and chemically. In the diet should not be products that enhance the fermentation process. Also, the limit shall be the proportion of food, activating the secretion of the pancreas and stomach. Contraindicated food, actively influencing the functioning of the liver. You can not eat hard to digest, heavy foods.

Products should be cooked in water or steamed. If there is diarrhoea, the food is served in a shabby. When the situation improves, the food is not subjected to preliminary grinding. Provides 5 meals. The optimal amount of protein is 120 grams per day, fats around 50 g. Carbohydrates in the diet is severely restricted (150-200 g per day). Calorie intake should not exceed 1600 calories. Every day you can eat no more than 6 grams of salt and 20 g sugar. The rate of fluid – 1.5 l

Diet diet

Diet 4A in chronic colitis severely cuts the range of products. You can eat up to 100 grams of wheat or gluten-free crackers. Recommended to eat low-fat soups with the addition of minced meat and mucous broths. You can enter in the diet of fish, beef, Turkey, veal. Meat and fish can be cooked quenelle, burgers, souffle, burgers, meatballs. It is acceptable to use gluten-free noodles. Of dairy products preferred for cottage cheese, kefir, yogurt (they have to be fresh). Every day you can eat no more than 2 eggs, it is possible to boil a soft-boiled or steam cook eggs. You can drink herbal teas and jellies (the basis for their preparation can be blueberries, quince, pear, dogwood and dog rose). Also allowed to drink tea, cocoa and coffee (all without milk). The optimal source of fat is unsalted butter.

From the menu, in addition to bakery products, excludes grains, fruits, legumes, milk, vegetables. You can not eat sweets, sauces, snacks, juices. Exclude nourishing soups, soups with cereals, fatty meats. Fall under the ban pickles, cooking fats, meats and canned goods, and condiments and any kind of soft drink.

Sample menu

For Breakfast, prepare an omelet for a couple. Can add to your morning diet steam chicken. Drink a Cup of tea. After a couple of hours to eat calzinirovnie cheese. Lunch may consist of low-fat broth, tender veal souffle and broth of blueberries. Snack will serve as a jelly. For dinner you can eat a serving of gluten-free pasta, steam fish. Before bedtime is recommended to drink a glass of buttermilk.


Diet 4A must be followed for a limited time, because it significantly reduces the variety of products. Judging by the reviews suggested above limitations, you can fairly quickly neutralize the fermentation processes in the intestine.