Lentil diet

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Duration and effectiveness

Lentil diet only lasts a week and takes 3-5 kg. throughout this time, it is recommended to stick to the abundant drinking regime: welcome as unsweetened herbal teas, and sparkling water.

Menu lentil diet

of the following diet every day, you can choose any option of Breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Breakfast (optional):
• Muesli (50g), filled with yogurt (150 ml), and juicy pear and 1 tbsp flower honey
• a Couple of toasted bran bread, 100 g grained curd, 2 tsp flower honey
• a Slice of dried bread from wheat flour, 10 g unsalted butter, a couple slices of lean ham

Lunch (optional):
• Lentil cakes, low fat cottage cheese – 150 g salad of leafy vegetables and green tea
• Thick lentil soup and broth hips
• Vegetable soup with lentils, fried eggs from two eggs and mineral water without gas

Dinner (optional):
• Artichokes, 2 tbsp salad without potatoes, a slice of bran bread
• whole-wheat bread, 50 g low-fat cheese, and a salad with green onions and radish, seasoned with low-fat sour cream
• Buildable vegetable soup, seasoned with herbs

Snacks (optional):
• Vegetable or fruit juice
• Vegetable or fruit
• milk

Recipes for lentil diet

Lentil cakes

• onion – 1 PC.
• Canned lentils – 200 g
• Egg – 1 PC.
• pepper, cumin, salt
• Flour – 1 tbsp

Lentils drain in a colander, drain well, mash, puree. Onion chop, put into a puree, add the egg and flour. Mass stir, season with salt and spices.

Form 8 patties. Bake them on the baking sheet, the laid parchment paper, warm up the oven to 220°C (cooking time — 20 minutes).

Soup with lentils

• low-fat sour cream — 1 tbsp
• Potatoes — 150 g
• Carrots — 100 g
• leeks — 50 g
• Lentils, 200 g
• rabbit Fillet — 200 g
• Broth — 500 ml
• Thyme, ground pepper, salt
• Vegetable oil — 1 tbsp

Lentils drain in a colander, carrots clean, cut into slices. 100 g potatoes clean and cut into cubes. Leek clean and cut into rings.

the Lentils and all the vegetables pour broth, boil 45 minutes. Rabbit fillet wash, dry and fry in vegetable oil for 5 minutes, season with salt. After cooling, cut into cubes, put in soup. 50 g of potato grate, add to soup, bring to a boil, add salt and season the dish with spices. Serve the soup, adding the sour cream.

Vegetable soup with lentils

• Broth — 100 ml
• Roots — 200 g
• Canned lentils — 300 g
• butter — 20 g
• Dried tomatoes — 10 grams

Soup roots, brush, chop, pour broth, add the butter and bring to a boil. Then the broth strain, pour over crushed blender canned lentils, simmer 10 minutes, add the sliced dried tomatoes and herbs.


Lentil diet for weight loss healthy and delicious. It allows you to eat quite diverse, gradually dropping the weight.