Diet for gastric erosion

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Gastric environment is very aggressive – failure of the body leads to the violation of the protection mechanisms and contribute to the development of problems with the gastrointestinal tract. What are the limitations imposed diet for gastric erosion? Than the cost to eat in the presence of this disease?

Information about the disease

Erosion of the stomach is characterized by local damage (erosion) areas of the mucosa. Due to certain reasons, erosion may develop as a pathology (in this case we speak about the primary erosion), and may be a consequence of other diseases (in this case it is about secondary erosion). In some cases, a defeat occurs on the background of cancer. Disease can be acute or chronic. With timely and skilled treatment erosion heal within 10-14 days. The chronic form of the disease can last for years. The possible and very serious complication of erosion is an ulcer.

Advice on nutrition

Diet, prescribed for gastric erosion, mechanically, thermally and chemically sparing the gastrointestinal tract. Sparing the stomach is to avoid from eating hard, rough, fibrous food. The products can not fry and bake with the formation of coarse crust. The priority of boiled or steamed food. Excluded from the diet foods that contribute to the increase in gastric secretion.

Patients should eat a comfortable temperature – all very cold and hot eliminates. Overeating is completely unacceptable – patients are advised to eat small meals 4-6 times a day.

Diet diet

When erosion to the fore the following food and beverages:
• Well-cooked porridge (semolina, oatmeal, etc.)
• Steam cutlets, meatballs, frikadelli of meat or fish low-fat varieties.
• Steam omelets
• Eggs, boiled soft-boiled
• Jelly, jelly, soufflé, pureed fruit drinks
• Mucous membranes soups, cereals, soups with pureed vegetables (for the filling is better to use butter or oil)
• Wheat bread yesterday's baking, dry biscuits, app cookies
• Fresh tarts (1-2 times per week)
• Pureed milk porridge, boiled pasta
• Weak tea, herbal teas
• Diluted non-acidic juices
• Milk, cream, curdled milk, kefir, yogurt
• Fresh cheese and cheese dishes, and low-fat sour cream
• Sugar, candy, honey, marshmallows, sweet jam

Excluded from the diet

• strong meat and fish broths, as well as any dishes based on them.
• the Mushrooms and mushroom broth
• Fatty and sinewy meats
• Oily fish
• Refractory fat
• Smoked meats, pickles, marinades, canned food
• Crude not wiped vegetables and fruit
• Coffee, chocolate, pastry cream
• Brew
• Pastries from fancy and puff pastry
• Dairy products with high acidity, spicy and salty cheeses
• Corn, legumes, radish, turnip, rutabaga, cabbage, fruits with tough crust and berries with an abundance of small bones
• Branny bread
• Alcoholic and carbonated beverages
• hot spices
• Citrus fruits
• Acidic juices
• Coffee, strong tea
• hard-Boiled or fried in fat eggs

the rate of salt is recommended to limit to 8 g per day. Optimal free liquid – 1.5 l


Diet for gastric erosion removes the load from the digestive organs and thereby contributes to acceleration of processes of regeneration. The diet should be supplemented by therapeutic measures recommended by your doctor (appointed by the preparations reducing acidity and promotes healing of the mucosa).