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Diet Dikul


The background

Dikul was orphaned at an early age. Growing up in an orphanage, he became interested in gymnastics. In fifteen years he had an accident – the driver broke the safety cable. The hero of our article received a number of serious injuries (fractured spine, multiple bone fractures, traumatic brain injury). Not wanting to remain helpless gymnast became involved on their own system is training, he devoted 5-6 hours a day. Friends helped him make a kind of simulator with the suspension blocks – for 8 months of the hero of this article has made improvements and was discharged from the hospital (though, to move he could only in a wheelchair). Dikul was not discouraged – he continued training and took a job (was to train children in circus*). It is significant that at that time he was only 16 years old. After 5 years, being on tour, Valentine felt that the sensitivity of returns to previously paralyzed legs.

Nutrition advice from Valentin Dikul

in Addition to what Dikul was actively training, he paid attention to the high-protein diet that promotes recovery and lean muscle mass and burning excess fat. Note that this technique is designed for people engaged in sports activities. The best source of protein Dikul said is not meat, and dairy products. On their basis Valentin offers to make a protein shake. It should be consumed before and after workouts. Another scheme of: half portion of the cocktail must be drunk after a workout, and the other half a couple of hours before a night's rest.

Cocktail recipe

• low Fat cottage cheese — 400 g
• Raw chicken eggs – 2 PCs.
• sour Cream – 0.5 tbsp.
• honey – 2 tbsp
• Jam – 2 tbsp
• Crushed nuts – 0.5 table (not added)

Method of preparation

the Cheese thoroughly mash with a spoon, add beaten eggs and remaining ingredients. If serving a cocktail for you too much, reduce the number of ingredients, while maintaining the recommended ratio.


As already mentioned, the diet was developed by Dikul, the only people seeking to build muscle mass. Doctors warn that excessive use of protein can lead to the development of a number of health problems. Loading dose of protein overloads the kidneys, affects the digestive tract, increases blood clotting, which ultimately may lead to thrombosis.

on this Basis, the diet Dikul is impossible to adhere to:
— in case of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract;
— with increased blood clotting;
— in the functional disorders in the kidneys.

Physical activity

Training must be carried out no less than 2-3 times a week. In the preparation of lesson plans is to consult with a specialist to have worked through all muscle groups. A prerequisite is a gradual increase in load.


Diet Dikul (in conjunction with exercise) helps to dry up the body and build muscle – is confirmed by numerous reviews. High-protein eating plan popular among athletes.