Diet with high acidity of the stomach

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The main recommendations of the diet

Diet, prescribed for hyperacidity of the stomach, based on the sparing of the digestive system. It excludes the consumption of fatty and spicy foods, smoked meats, marinades, pickles, carbonated drinks, fast food. If you have this problem, it is impossible to prevent stretching of the walls of the stomach (overeating excluded – food to take small portions 4-6 times a day). The last meal should be finished 2 to 4 hours before sleep (to eat immediately before a good night's sleep is contraindicated). Served food should have a comfortable temperature.

the basis of the diet are products that reduce the acidity of gastric juice. It is recommended to bake, boil, stew (everything fried is excluded). The restriction shall be garlic and onions fresh, and the mushrooms, radish, radishes, sorrel and concentrated broths. It is recommended to dramatically reduce the consumption of salt (salt is already prepared meals). Meals should be in a quiet environment (in any case not on the go). Products to chew well. The liquid is recommended to drink before eating or shortly thereafter.

Diet diet

every day should enter into the diet dishes based on cereals – priority rice, oatmeal, semolina and pearl barley (when cooked forms a mucus that coats the stomach wall and protects the mucosa from the action of acids). With the addition of cereals to cook mucous soup.

Meat and fish should not be ruled out, but these foods should be steamed or boiled. The perfect side dish to meat and fish are light vegetable puree. Periodically should be introduced in the diet boiled eggs or steamed eggs. It is useful to eat fresh non-acidic cottage cheese, soft cheeses and other dairy products (without excessive acidity). In the finished dish, you can add the butter.

every day can eat white dry or stale bread (you can substitute bread or white crackers). Black bread in the diet is better not to enter.

In the acidity you can drink non-acidic juices, but they should be diluted with water in proportion 1:1. Also the range of drinks includes weak tea and jelly (and coffee and alcohol are prohibited).

Desserts are presented mousses, souffles, jelly, marmalade and marshmallows (any sweets should be consumed in moderation). In the diet of the diet can introduce well-ripened sweet variety fruit (unripe and sour fruits are excluded). The most preferred vegetables are: beets, potatoes, pumpkin, carrots, zucchini.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: good provasca boiled or mashed buckwheat, soufflé of curd, weakly brewed tea
• Second Breakfast: omelette steam and diluted juice
• Lunch: slimy cereal soup, steam meat dumplings, carrot puree, compote
• Dinner: steam fish cutlets, boiled pasta, weak tea
• Before bed: cookies and milk


in all pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract well-written nutrition plan becomes fundamental. Diet, excluding heavy and spicy food, significantly improves the condition. Since the diet in the acidity of the stomach is quite varied, stick to it quite easy.