Diet "Paleo"

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The main provisions of the diet

the Paleontological diet returns us to the food options of cavemen. The basis of the diet should be a game, fish, fruits, nuts, greens. Excluded from the diet of industrial processed, canned, rich food supplements products. This allows you to protect the body from the receipt of excess sodium, sugar, fat. Diet eliminates empty calories received with the frankly unhealthy products such as chips, processed foods, sweet drinks and so on.

The pros of the diet

Thanks to the paleo diet it is possible to normalize the metabolism, reduce weight, improve the function of internal organs, to get rid of some chronic diseases. Since diet main positions belong to the protein food, it is suitable for people who lead active lifestyles and athletes (protein allows to build muscle structure). In addition, the proteins are well saturated.

Another important factor in the nutrition of the diet is fruits and vegetables. They are rich in useful elements, including antioxidants and fiber. First – help to neutralize free radicals, and the second is involved in the cleansing of the intestine. Essential fatty acids obtained from nuts and seeds, contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes and absorption of important elements, coming from the food.

the Big plus of the diet is the lack of need for calorie counting – it is only important to be your diet. Another important advantage of this methodology – the rejection of artificial additives (this is the most favorable impact on health).

Cons diet

This diet has a number of disadvantages. Because the basis of the diet is protein foods, kidneys are subjected to high loads. This meal plan is not suitable for vegetarians – usual sources of vegetable protein (legumes) diet excluded meat and vegetarians don't eat. On this basis, can develop a deficiency of proteins. Another important disadvantage of the methodology – a small amount of carbohydrates. This leads to weakness and deterioration of brain activity (person difficult to concentrate, memorize large amounts of information, etc.).

Diet diet

This diet involves a fractional power. You need to eat organic foods grown in their native region. In the base of the food pyramid are lean meat and fish. The next "floor" of the pyramid equally divided between vegetables and fruits. Followed by berries, and at the top of the pyramid are nuts and seeds.

Sitting on this diet, you should pay special attention to the green vegetables (spinach, cabbage, arugula, etc.), roots (beets, carrots, potatoes, etc.) and fungi. In addition to meat can introduce in the diet eggs. The exception are beans, cereals, dairy products, sugar, pastries, fatty meats. Go to the diet should be gradually – a sharp rejection of the usual diet can negatively affect health.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: berry mix and a few slices of lean ham
• lunch: beef jerky, almonds, Apple, water
• Lunch: fish, green vegetables, fruit, water
• Dinner: boiled chicken, kiwi, tomato, water
• Dinner: nuts, beef steak, boiled cauliflower, water
• Before bed: an orange, boiled fish (if desired), water


the paleo Diet is far from perfect – the reviews say that today it is extremely difficult to eat solely organic food. On top of that, this technique significantly cuts back on the diet – it is difficult to get used to the modern man.