Diet Bormenthal

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The essence of the diet

This technique allows you to lose weight without exhausting yourself with unnecessary restrictions in the diet and serious exercise. The motto of the clinic is "weight loss without restrictions". The secret of success lies in human psychology. Clinic specialists recommend to work on them. First of all, is to figure out what exactly is causing the overeating. Once you understand the true background of the problem, you can proceed to its solution.

Reasons for overeating is always highly individual: for some it's a lack of confidence, and for someone – the need to keep everything under tight control. A common cause of overeating – no diet. If you don't have time to eat during the day, the evening appetite much not a joke. Clinic specialists claim that if you do not eradicate the reasons that lead us to better, no diet will get rid of excess weight.

Diet calorie

clinic Diet Bormenthal involves reducing caloric intake to 1000-1200 calories (the less you move, the fewer calories one should consume). After performing the main tasks of diet (i.e. after weight normalization), you should gradually expand the diet and increase the caloric content. During this period you will have to carefully analyze the changes you will need to reach a point where weight will neither decrease nor increase. This energy value of the diet will need to comply with on an ongoing basis.

Diet diet

This method does not limit the range of products – you can eat almost everything (the main condition is the observance of daily calories). Needless to say, it is better to give preference to low calorie food – you can eat more, and therefore, hunger will not torment. Limit is all fat and sweet – such foods give you the most calories. Unwanted fat dairy products, pastries, sausage, potatoes, etc. Daily in the diet must be present protein foods (egg whites, meat, chicken, fish, low-fat cottage cheese). Complex carbohydrates are also necessary for our body – they put the cereals, vegetables and fruits. From the whole range of fats greatest benefits of vegetable oil (although the calorie content of any fat, in principle, little different and is in the range of 900 kcal/100 g product).

To prolong the feeling of satiety specialists of the clinic offer to eat warm food, and after meals is recommended to drink a glass of hot tea. It is undesirable to use products, stimulating the secretion of gastric juice (this category includes sharp spices, alcohol, etc.). To eat should be divided up to 7-8 times a day, but the weight of a single serving should not exceed 200 g. the Last meal should be completed 4 hours before bedtime.

in order to speed up the process of losing weight, 1-2 times a week should be discharged on yogurt, cabbage, or other low-fat foods. To complement the scheme of weight loss you can light exercise (too zealous clinic specialists do not recommend). Also need to resort to additional measures: massage, physiotherapy procedures, body wraps.


Diet is contraindicated
— during pregnancy and lactation;
— diabetes and cancer;
— the presence of mental disorders.
in case of problems with the cardiovascular system;
— under the age of 18 and over the age of 60.


Diet Bormenthal, judging by the reviews, allows you to lose 1-3 kg per week. The disadvantage is the necessity of careful calorie counting (not always feasible).