Diet for high uric acid

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Helpful information

Normal levels of uric acid — 180-530 µmol/l. Increasing it under such conditions as hypertension, gout, endocrine disorders, atherosclerosis, obesity, high cholesterol. This condition is typical for those people who abuse food rich in purine bases, and for those who have a blood disease, or diagnosed renal failure. Dietary food plan is intended to normalize the purine metabolism.

Excluded products

Diet for high uric acid exclude from the diet foods that contain purines in high concentrations. This category includes offal (liver, brains, kidney, heart), as well as broth. In the "dangerous category" and get grilled meat and fish, as well as any fatty foods. Contains purines in mushrooms and legumes (dark and white beans, peas, soy). Contraindicated to use canned, smoked. Diet exclude foods rich in oxalic acid (this category includes sorrel, spinach, asparagus). You should not eat spicy snacks, spices, strong coffee and tea, alcohol. It is impossible to enter into the diet of any products, stimulating the nervous system.

Recommended products

Diet is prescribed for high uric acid, and enriches the diet with foods containing large amounts of ascorbic acid and vitamin B1. The diet limits the rate of fat amid a slight increase in the number of carbs and while maintaining the physiological norm of proteins. When cooking foods you cannot use frying. Served food is not crushed. To maintain the optimum acid-alkaline balance, it is recommended to enter into the diet more fruits and vegetables. You need to increase fluid intake (if there are no problems with the cardiovascular system, kidneys and the circulatory system). After consulting with a physician can be a cleansing program. Initially, throughout the week, every day we need to drink 2 liters of water and unsweetened beverages (teas, juices). Next week is recommended to drink 3 liters a day, next week – for 4 L. After the completion of such a program should continue to drink plenty of fluids (at least 2 liters per day). It is important to distribute the liquid evenly over the entire day, not allowed to drink during and immediately after meals.

you Can eat bread products, baking yesterday, app cookies. Recommended to eat soups with vegetable broth and diluted milk. Meat should boil, simmer with the subsequent removal of the separated juice, shred the meat. Fish is recommended to boil or bake. It is useful to eat porridge, it is permissible to enter into the diet of pasta from durum wheat. In the period of exacerbation is recommended to eat only proteins in the future – whole eggs (1 piece a day). When choosing dairy products is to prefer the least greasy. Fats in the diet presents of butter and vegetable oil.

Sample menu

Morning meal: steam the meatballs of lean meat, porridge, vegetables. After a couple of hours you can eat something from the fruit. The perfect lunch: vegetable soup. You can Supplement it low fat meat loaf and fruit compote. Snack: a decoction of rose hips and wheat crackers. Dinner: beet burgers and salad. Before bedtime is recommended to drink fermented drink.


Diet for high uric acid sufficiently diverse range of dishes – it is only important to memorize a list of foods rich in purines and avoid them.