Diet in case of allergic dermatitis

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an Allergic reaction may occur in response to exposure to different factors. One of the fundamental aspects of treatment is diet changes. Diet in allergic dermatitis helps relieve acute symptoms and cleanse the skin from allergic rashes.

Information about the disease

in allergic dermatitis the immune system reacts to irritants in contact with skin. Allergic reactions can cause some medicines, perfumes, cosmetics, metals, paints, polymers (synthetic, natural), industrial facilities, plants, etc. In this condition the allergen contact with the skin, affects the entire body, increases sensitivity to irritants. The cause of the disease, as a rule, possible to identify not just between contact with the allergen and manifestation of the clinical picture, it may take several days.

the Main symptoms of dermatitis include redness and swelling of the body, rash (part microvesicles burst that triggers the formation of moist sites). The spots do not have clear outlines. On subsequent exposure to an allergen dermatitis can develop into eczema. In order not to exacerbate the problem, the patient is strongly encouraged to review the diet and eliminate possible food allergens.

Advice on nutrition

Diet, prescribed for allergic dermatitis, eliminate known allergens, can provoke overreaction of the immune system. If you have the opportunity, should visit the laboratory to identify the most dangerous individual allergens.

During the diet should abandon the use of the following products:
• Cow's milk
• Some types of fish
• fish ROE
• Soy products
• Coffee, chocolate, cocoa
• Mushrooms
• Tomatoes, beets, carrots and other brightly colored vegetables
• Honey
• Nuts
• Egg
• Products on the basis of rye and wheat.
• Fruits of orange, red, yellow (pomegranate, lemon, orange, grapefruit, persimmon, pineapple, strawberry, etc.)
• Smoked
• Products that contain dyes, emulsifiers, preservatives
• Canned
• Fat broth
• Fried, spicy and salty dishes
• Fatty meat products

Diet trims share the following products:
• Green bell pepper
• peas
• Beans
• Buckwheat
• Corn, potatoes, pumpkin
• Cranberries, apricots, peaches, bananas

it is Important to remember that fatty foods and alcohol accelerate the penetration of allergens into the blood – they should be deleted. When cooking, use the freshest organic products. Cereals it is recommended to soak in cold water. When cooking meat the first the broth should drain. The rate of salt and sugar should be reduced by half. You can drink water from the tap – in allergic dermatitis liquid is of particular importance (priority or filtered melt water).

the basis of the diet are:
• chicken (without skin)
• Lean beef
• Lean pork
• Apples (green and yellow), plums, watermelons, pears, courgettes, gooseberries, white cherries and currants, and other brightly colored fruits
• Sunflower and olive oil
• Fresh dairy products
• Cereals (rice, oats, barley)
• Green tea


Diet in case of allergic dermatitis should certainly take place. Do not forget about the need for a precise definition of the stimulus that caused the acute reaction of the immune system (the body each of us responds differently to different substances and products).