Diet "80-10-10"

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The main characteristics of the diet

This diet is based on raw plant foods. The meal plan is very low in fat content: 80% starchy foods should account for 10% of protein and fat.

Diet diet

the Basis of the diet are fruits — Dr. Graham considers them the perfect food. Please note – the author offers during each meal to eat only 1 kind of fruit, but in any quantities (for example, in the first half of the day you can eat 3 kg of melons). Graham argues that the dried fruit should be consumed in large quantities – it provides us with the necessary energy. Fruit diet, he proposes to add green leafy vegetables – spinach, lettuce, celery (daily rate – 1 kg).

Nuts, seeds, coconut and avocado are known to contain fat – their Dr. Graham offers to enter into the diet no more than twice a week (need to control the portion size). Another important point: during the passage of a diet the doctor recommends that you pay special attention to their emotional mood – negativity should not be.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: a ripe melon
• Second Breakfast: a handful of raw seeds
• Lunch: mango and bananas
• Afternoon tea: leafy vegetables
• Dinner: apricot

Graham drew attention to the need for daily fitness classes. To complement the programme of training is power training (three times a week).

The pros and cons of the diet

oddly enough, but the athletes, pay attention to the 80-10-10 diet, has noted an increase in their energy potential. The diet is perfect for people who loves fresh vegetables and fruits. This technique effectively cleanses the body and reduces the risk of developing cardiovascular disease. Since the products are consumed raw, there is no need in cooking (this saves time). This technique eliminates starchy foods (rice, bread, potatoes). Because the basis of the diet are fruit, eliminating the need to use sugar, salt, all kinds of condiments.

the Main disadvantage of the diet is the absence of dietary foods (meat, cheese, milk, eggs, bread) – for such a menu is very difficult to get used to. The first stage of the diet is usually characterized by a strong sense of hunger. Against the background of cleansing the body first symptoms of detox (headaches, nausea, etc.). This unpleasant situation easier to go through while on vacation and not at work. As vegetable food cannot provide the body with all the nutritional elements, can develop fatigue. To avoid this, it is recommended to take vitamin B12 and minerals. It should take into account the fact that large norms of consumption of fruits contribute to the stretching of the stomach, which is quite undesirable.

Reviews about diet

the 80-10-10 Diet is with mixed reviews. It appeals to those who find it difficult to imagine life without fruit abundance. The meat-eaters to adjust to such a diet difficult to impossible. Fruits, despite the presence of carbohydrates, saturated for even large portions do not save from hunger (just as addiction appetite decreases). You can make the argument proposed by Graham power system can be used in short courses to cleanse the body. Before you go on a fruit menu, you should consult with your physician.