Diet for weight loss belly

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General guidelines

it is Important to remember that often the tummy seems big because of inadequate bowel cleansing or due to the ingestion of food causing flatulence. Based on this, to start a diet should conduct cleansing enemas. It is also important that the body receives from food crude fibre nutritive value of it is not, but it perfectly cleans the intestines and relieves constipation. Another important point is the consumption of adequate amounts of fluid. Liquid diet also seriously contributes to the cleansing of the intestines and body as a whole.

If, after bowel cleansing to get rid of bulk of the belly has failed, you will still have to pay attention to diet. Drastically to lose weight can not be – desired result it does not provide the (stomach will remain, at least weight and decrease). Weight loss stomach promotes balanced food plan designed for long periods of time (at least 3-4 weeks, but it is better to devote to the diet more time).

unfortunately, if the belly is very large, after getting rid of the fat fold of skin can SAG, which is very ugly looks. To avoid this, it is essential to combine diet and exercise. The stomach area well work classes with a Hoop. It is recommended to regularly do the exercises, performing 2-3 sets (set must contain 3-5 different exercises for the abdominal muscles).

Caloric intake should be calculated individually using formula that takes into account your features (level of physical activity, gender, age, etc.). The computed score should be reduced to create a deficit of energy intake (nutritionists do not recommend to reduce the calorie content by more than 30%).

Diet diet

the Main emphasis in compiling the diet should consist of lean protein foods and complex carbohydrates. The first comes into our body from low-fat dairy products, lean meats, seafood, fish. "Long-playing" carbohydrates, we get, using cereals, vegetables, fruits.

the Decrease in energy value is due to the cuts in the proportion of carbohydrate and fat. Limitation subject to extractive substances, seasonings, salt (the tendency to edema is necessary to reduce the norm of free fluid). Food is recommended to boil, simmer, steamed, baked. Sugar should be abandoned (instead, you can use substitutes — sorbitol, xylitol, etc.). Diet intended for slimming the abdomen, provides 5-6 meals.

Recommended and excluded products

• Recommended: bread from wheat flour, rye, protein-wheat and protein-Trubny bread
• banned: white bread, puffs, cookies, muffin

• it is Recommended: lean meats
• banned: duck, goose, fatty meats, brains, sausages, canned food.

the Fish
• Recommended: low-fat types of fish and sea products
• taboo: smoked, salted, fatty fish, canned fish, caviar

• Recommended: scrambled eggs and boiled eggs
• taboo: fried eggs

• Recommended: low-fat milk and milk products
• banned: baked milk, cream, fat sour cream, fermented baked milk, sweet yoghurt, full-fat cottage cheese, sharp, fatty and salty cheese

• Recommended: vegetable oil, butter (limited)
• taboo: fat, refractory and cooking oils

• Recommended: crisp cereal (in the priority of buckwheat and barley)
• banned: polished rice, semolina

• Recommended: vegetables in any form (restricted to potatoes)
• banned: salted and pickled vegetables (they have a lot of salt)

• Recommended for: vegetable soups
• banned: milk soups soups fat broth

• Recommended: sweet and sour fruits, berries, jellies, mousses, compotes, Sambuca on the xylitol
• banned: grapes figs, raisins, dates, sweets, ice cream

• Recommended: tomato sauces, homemade
• banned: bold sauces.

• Recommended: tea, weak coffee, freshly made juices
• banned: cocoa, sweet juices, lemonades

a Diet can be focusing on their own food preferences – it is important to consider energy value of foods (not to exceed the optimal calorie intake will help you online calculators and tables).

Sample menu

• Before Breakfast: a Cup of water
• Breakfast: low-fat cottage cheese with fruit pieces or portion of porridge with vegetable salad, tea with 1 tsp honey
• Second Breakfast: half of grapefruit
• Lunch: vegetable soup with cauliflower, 100 g of boiled chicken fillet, fresh vegetables
• Snack: vegetable juice
• Dinner: fish stew with vegetables
• Before sleep: yogurt


Reviews show that belly lose weight almost last. This area of the body makes literally sweat diet for weight loss belly must be combined with sport. Only in this case it is possible to achieve a visible result.