Three-day diet

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the three-day diet gives a chance to reduce weight by 2-3 kg. unfortunately, to withhold the result of such rapid weight loss methods can be extremely rare. We offer to your attention three variants of the diet – any of them will help you for a little while, but to adjust the shape.

A three-day vegetable diet

One of the rules of this diet is the observance of abundant drinking regime – drink non-carbonated water shortly before a meal and between meals. It will reduce your appetite and cleanse the body of toxins. You can also drink unsweetened teas, coffee, freshly made juices and low fat milk – 250 ml per day (it is recommended to add to tea or coffee).

Daily dinner is supposed to have a big serving of salad of lettuce, celery, cucumbers, green peppers, apples, green beans, tomatoes, greens and corn kernels (any allowed combination of specified products). As a dressing you can use a mixture of low-fat yogurt, lemon juice and spices.

Diet menu for 3 days:

• Breakfast (one of variants):
— a toast of bran bread, a thin layer of margarine, a small banana, green Apple, seedless grapes (a few berries);
— egg, soft-boiled, toast from bread with bran and 200 ml of low-fat drinking yogurt with no additives;
— a pair of rye bread toast, a small banana and a teaspoon of natural honey;
— a couple of dry scones, 250 ml low-fat milk or fresh orange juice and a green Apple.

• Lunch: main dish vegetable soup, additional components lunch (on selection):
— serving of coleslaw;
— salad of beetroot;
— 50 g of lean ham;
— 2 tbsp of canned beans.

• Dinner (until 18.00): salad

If the recommendations of the diet will be broken, will have to resort to "punitive sanctions".

penalties in case of violation of the mode power:
• Jumping rope – 10 minutes
• Squats – 50 times

Cyclic three-day diet for weight loss

This diet you need to follow the 3 day then 4 days later it can be repeated again (hence the name). To make this diet not too difficult, though the caloric daily intake and does not exceed 900 kcal.

Day # 1
• Breakfast: a Cup of black coffee without sugar (you can substitute tea), and toast and 2 tablespoons sour jam
• Second Breakfast: half of grapefruit or orange
• Lunch: half cans of canned tuna, a slice of black bread, radish (4 pieces)
• Dinner: chicken fillet boiled (weight of raw meat – 100 g), a bowl of boiled beans, salad of boiled beets and crisp bread
• Additional snack: green Apple

Day # 2
• Breakfast: a Cup of black coffee without sugar (you can substitute tea), as well as toast and an egg (in the form of scrambled or boiled)
• Second Breakfast: small banana
• Dinner: 150 g low-fat cottage cheese, radish – 4 pieces, greens, and crackers (no more than five pieces)
• Dinner: a couple of dairy sausages, boiled broccoli, grated raw carrots with lemon juice and crisp bread
• Additional snack: tea and soaked in hot water prunes

Day # 3
• Breakfast: a Cup of black coffee without sugar (you can substitute tea), and crackers (no more than five pieces)
• Second Breakfast: a green Apple or a small pear
• Dinner: soft-boiled egg, cucumber and radish (you can make a salad, loaded with vegetables, low-fat sour cream)
• Dinner: half cans of canned tuna (you can replace boiled chicken breast), crisp bread, and a bowl of salad from boiled beets
• Additional snack: half a small melon or green Apple

throughout the day is supposed to drink not less than 6-8 glasses of unsweetened liquids.

Cucumber three-day diet

This strict diet delivers rapid weight loss, but keeping it challenging throughout the day is supposed to eat only cucumbers (about 2 kg in a day), and any greens. To drink is non-carbonated water, unsweetened teas. With cucumber you can make salads, seasoning them with lemon juice and a small amount of vegetable oil.


three day diet will definitely help you lose weight, however, this rapid method does not find support from professional nutritionists. You should lose weight slowly – only in this case it is possible to maintain the achieved result.