Diet after cholecystectomy

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After an operation to remove the gallbladder (cholecystectomy) you must strictly adhere to the diet fraction diet becomes the main principle of nutrition, a meal should be timed to the same time frame, the volume of each portion should be small (overeating completely excluded). At first, the diet prescribed for removed gallbladder involves very tight restrictions. After a few days the diet is gradually expanding.

Postoperative diet, phase # 1

After conducting cholecystectomy patient don't have to eat and drink (for 4 hours only to moisten the lips with water and then allowed to rinse your mouth with herbal decoction). The length of such abstinence – 24 hours. Further diet for gallbladder removal is based on only the liquid – the patient should drink mineral water without gas, unsweetened herbal decoction (1 l per day). After 36 hours in liquid diet can include kissel from dried fruit, weak tea without sugar, low-fat yogurt (the total rate of liquid – 1.5 l, you need to drink every 3 hours, the volume of each of the portions is 100-150 ml). On the 3rd day after surgery menu it is recommended to add:
• Juices (beet, pumpkin, Apple)
• Light mashed potatoes
• Jellies based on fruit
• the Soups prepared on weak broth or water (fill the dish can be a small amount of butter)
• Fish in boiled or vapor form.
• the heart-healthy omelet, steamed

At this stage, a liquid diet can include sweet tea. You should eat 8 times a day, each time not eating more than 200 grams of food. Since 5-th day it is possible to enrich the diet of such products as:
• Wheat crackers
• App cookies
• Stale white bread

the General rule of pastry is up to 100 g a day. Later in the diet can include:
• Pureed porridge from oats, buckwheat, wheat grits (they can be cooked on a diluted milk)
• low-fat cottage cheese and sour
• Puree of boiled lean meat
• Vegetable soup
• low-fat dairy drinks.

during this period, rate of fluid can be increased to 2 l.

Postoperative diet, stage 2

In the second phase of the diet you can go to eat not pureed food and reduce the frequency of meals to 5. The exception shall be subject to:
• Refractory animal fats
• Fat
• Fatty meats and poultry
• Fried foods
• strong meat broth
• Smoked meats, marinades, pickles, canned food
• Salty fish and caviar
• Spinach, garlic, sorrel, onion
• hot spices
• Raw vegetables and fruits
• Rye bread
• Creamy pastries and cakes, products with whipped cream
• Alcohol
• Chocolate, cocoa

the basis of the diet are:
• Vegetarian soups (cereals, vegetables)
• Milk soups
• Lean meat, fish, birds
• Milk
• cottage Cheese
• Mild cheese
• Milk drinks
• Cereals
• Pasta
• heat-treated vegetables (cabbage, potatoes, carrots, beets, pumpkin, zucchini, corn)
• fruit drinks, jelly, jam, jelly, mousse, jelly, honey, marshmallows
• butter and vegetable oil (limited)

Meals should have a comfortable temperature – hot and cold food is entirely excluded. The norm of free fluid – 1.5 l


Diet after cholecystectomy is not of a temporary nature. Reviews show that to adapt to the change of diet can be quite fast, although a period of adjustment, of course, have had to endure.