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5 diet for pancreatitis


Helpful information

pancreatic Enzymes participate in the digestion and absorption of lipids, proteins and carbohydrates from food. The thyroid hormones regulate the level of glucose in the blood. Violations in the work of this body lead to the fact that there is hyperactivity enzymes. They begin to destroy the tissue of the gland (this is the cause of severe pain). The attacks appear suddenly. Acute symptoms are removed quite quickly, but the risk of sluggish the disease does not disappear (it becomes chronic). Diet 5 when pancreatitis is the factor that helps to minimize the symptoms of the disease and prevent acute symptoms.

the First 2-3 days the patients should be hungry mode (usually it is not so difficult, because the appetite in the acute phase is almost completely absent). Hunger provides the pancreas a rest. In the days of exacerbation is recommended to drink warm alkaline mineral sparkling water — this contributes to the onset of stable remission.

Features diet

the Diet starts from the 4th day. It is recommended to take food 5-6 times a day (small portions). It is advisable to comply with diet (i.e. to eat at the same time). Diet they tend to abandon products that contribute to increased acid in the stomach and stimulating the enzyme. Treatment table should be a long period of time – without this it is impossible to achieve stable remission. The optimal duration of the diet – about 8 months. If after that period of time, the doctor will allow to expand the diet, then you must do it very carefully and gradually – any disruption can lead to acute attacks and then treatment will have to start again.

Diet provides mechanical sparing of the digestive system. Products are recommended to be steamed, boil, mash, puree, finely grind. Under complete prohibition are all fried, smoked, grilled dishes. It is worth considering that the fats that have passed heat treatment, harm the pancreas. Approved types of oils (butter, vegetable) can be added to the finished dish (to use when cooking them impossible).

Recommended and excluded products diet

Diet is prescribed for pancreatitis, is based on the following products:
• Vegetables (stewed, boiled, steamed)
• Vegetable soups (do not add the onion, garlic, cabbage), exacerbation of a valid soup on the second broth (the broth drained first)
• Soups with cereals to dilute milk
• Lean poultry, meat, fish in boiled or vapor form (priority for products made from minced meat)
• Noodles, noodles
• Cereals, cooked in water or diluted milk (excluding wheat)
• Steam omelets, eggs, cooked soft boiled (if tolerated)
• Steam cheese casserole
• Dry biscuits, crackers, marmalade, marshmallows, marshmallows, honey, jam (limited)
• Sour milk products, fresh and mild cheese
• Wheat bread baking yesterday
• Baked and pureed sweet taste of apples
• the Compote, weak tea, jelly,

Products that fall under the ban:
• Fatty and rich meat broth
• Any fatty foods and dishes
• Sour and spicy food
• Offal and sausages
• Canned foods
• Smoked meats, pickles
• Fatty fish (halibut, catfish, carp, salmon, mullet)
• fish ROE
• Industrial yogurts, chocolate glazed curd bars, heavy cream
• Refractory fat
• Rye and any fresh bread
• Pastries, cakes, chocolate
• Coffee, strong tea, cocoa, or any kind of soft and alcoholic drinks, cold and hot drinks, kvass
• Sour and unripe fruits and berries
• Turnips, spinach, radish, radish, sorrel
• Sharp spices and condiments
• fries hot dogs, chips and other junk food


5 Diet for pancreatitis really allows you to feel better. Practice shows that compliance helps to get rid of painful attacks.