Diet in chronic cholecystitis

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The main points of the diet

Diet prescribed for chronic cholecystitis, is designed to provide the normal work of the liver and gallbladder. The diet should remain full (cut the proportion of fat and carbohydrates, but these elements must be ingested). The percentage of protein increases slightly. The diet calls for 4-5 meals (servings should be small). It is recommended to eat according to the mode (approximately the same time – it helps to normalize bile secretion). The optimum amount of free fluid – 1.5-2 l rate of salt should not exceed 8-10 g per day. Supply temperature ranging from 15 to 60 degrees. Weight daily serving of food – not more than 3 kg.

Diet diet

Diet excludes the following foods:
• Cakes and cream cakes
• Products based on puff pastry
• Baking
• Meat, chicken, mushroom, fish broth
• Any fresh bread
• Soup and soup
• Bold variety of poultry, meat, fish
• Smoked or salted fish and caviar
• Fried meat
• by-products
• Sausages
• Smoked meats, pickles, marinades, canned food
• Refractory animal fats, margarine, spread
• hot spices (horseradish, mustard, etc.)
• hard-Boiled or fried in fat eggs
• Green onion, radish, garlic, mushrooms
• Ice cream
• Chocolate, cocoa
• Coffee
• Carbonated and chilled drinks
• Alcoholic beverages

it is Necessary to limit the use of the following products:
• Milk with fat content between 6%
• Cream
• Yogurt
• Sour
• Bold and sharp cheese
• Fat cottage cheese

the basis of the diet in chronic cholecystitis are:
• Rye or white bread yesterday's baking
• Baked pies with fish, meat, cheese, apples (1 per week)
• cake
• Cereals puddings and casseroles
• Pasta
• low-fat meat (veal, beef, pork without the fat, rabbit, young lamb)
• Game
• Chicken without the skin
• sausages, lean ham, lean sausage
• Pilaf made of boiled meat
• Lean fish (cod, cod, perch, perch, bream, silver hake) boiled or vapor form.
• Vegetables, dairy, fruit, soups, cereals
• Milk with a low percentage of fat
• low-fat dairy products (yogurt, kefir, acidophilus milk, sour curd)
• egg-white omelettes (1 egg per day)
• low-fat and non-spicy varieties of cheese
• all types of vegetables in baked, fresh and boiled
• Fruit, berries, dried fruits
• jam
• All cereals and meals based on them.
• Sugar (50-70 g daily)
• Tea and weak coffee with milk
• Juices made from fruits, vegetables and berries
• Herbal tea

Sample menu

• the First Breakfast: steam protein omelet, milk rice porridge with the addition of butter, tea with lemon
• Second Breakfast: easy egg casserole with a small amount of low fat sour cream
• Lunch: vegetable soup, boiled meat, braised carrot, decoction of dried fruit
• Afternoon tea: biscuits, tea with a slice of lemon, biscuit
• Dinner: serving of pasta with butter and grated cheese, mineral water
• Before bed: low fat yogurt


inflammation of the gallbladder is an extremely unpleasant disease, often resulting in a chronic form. As practice shows, to normalize the state of health without change of diet cannot diet for chronic cholecystitis should be observed on a mandatory basis.