Diet in atherosclerosis

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Information about the problem

atherosclerosis vessels lose their elasticity. On the walls of atherosclerotic plaque that impedes blood flow. They are formed as a result of sedimentation on the walls of the lipoproteins and cholesterol with subsequent growth of connective tissue. At the initial stage to suspect a problem by such symptoms as memory impairment and chronic fatigue, blue discoloration of the extremities, a heart disorder, intermittent claudication. The main principles of treatment are avoiding harmful habits, diet and an active lifestyle.

Prohibited products

Diet is prescribed for atherosclerosis, eliminates refractory fats, red meat, any fatty and fried foods. Excludes sausages and pates, rich broth. Please do not eat offal (brains, liver, etc.). Fall into disgrace fat dairy products (permissible fat content of cheese is not more than 30%). It is impossible to enter into the diet of pastry, pastry cream, fatty sauces.

Recommended products

In a small quantity can be introduced into the diet of different vegetable oils and dietary sorts of meat (that's beef, lean poultry without the skin, venison, rabbit meat). Gradually allowed to eat cheese (mild and low-fat). Eggs can be consumed but not more than 2 pieces a week. To season food can be soy sauce. In a small number of permissible sweets. Dry wine can also be included in the diet of the patient, it is believed that it has beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system (resveratrol, present in wine fights clogged arteries). Welcome fish (different types). Is to use low-fat dairy products. Benefit vegetables, berries and fruit. The diet can be a diet of breads, biscuits, pasta from wheat flour and various cereals (except semolina). Benefit nuts, drinks without sugar.

The intricacies of the menu with different diagnoses

Atherosclerosis can have different localization. If the affected vessels of the extremities, you should limit intake of vitamin D. the Diet in atherosclerosis of the brain vessels and neck is enriched with b vitamins (B6, B12), E, C. it is Useful to eat tomatoes. If the affected carotid artery, it is necessary to cut calories. It is recommended that the unloading of the vegetables. Diet in atherosclerosis of the vessels of the heart imposes a ban on cakes, sweets, pickles, smoked meat. When obliterating atherosclerosis it is recommended to eat varied (the bulk of animal fats is to with dairy products). If the aorta is affected, it is recommended to increase the rate of potassium and fiber.

Option menu

throughout the day are allowed to eat black and white bread (150 g and 100 g, respectively). For Breakfast you can prepare porridge, beef Stroganoff and vegetable salad. After a couple of hours to organize a snack – eat a serving of low-fat cottage cheese and an Apple. Lunch: thick vegetable soup, canned mushrooms, broth hips or compote. Snack – fruit juice. For dinner, boil the fish, prepare the mashed potatoes and salad. Eat a piece of Apple Charlotte. Before bedtime drink kefir.


Diet in atherosclerosis brings noticeable relief, however, to abide by its need on a regular basis. Can't hurt to revisit a way of life.