Diet for diarrhea

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The cause of the problem

Diarrhoea occurs when the intestinal infection, and in cases of poisoning substandard products or exacerbation of chronic diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. Possible causes are hereditary enzymopathy (deficit of digestive enzymes) and diseases of the internal organs. Any such condition needs timely and proper treatment (in each case, use of special therapy). In addition, the patient is recommended to adhere to therapeutic diets.

Principles of the diet

Diet is prescribed for diarrhea, based on the following principles:
• a Complete diet
• Provide maximum rest to the digestive system

Therapeutic nutrition plan involves the use of gentle methods of heat treatment (products can be boiled, steamed, wipe). When diarrhea is the basis of the diet is neutral food, no annoying walls of the stomach and intestines. The priority are products that create a mucous film and protecting the digestive tract from corrosive factors.

Diet diet

This therapeutic diet limits the consumption of fats and carbohydrates. It excludes from the diet of fresh milk, coarse fiber, spices, pickles and cured meats, spicy seasonings.

Recommended use:
• White bread (stale or dried)
• Wheat crackers
• Lean fish and meat (you can steam cook soufflés and croquettes)
• Soups prepared on weak vegetable, fish, meat broth well tenderized cereals or pureed vegetables.
• cottage Cheese (fresh, not very sour, rubbed through a sieve)
• Eggs, welded soft-boiled and light steam omelets
• mucous Pureed porridge made with water
• Black and green tea
• Cup of coffee
• non-concentrated fruit drinks made out of fresh apples or dried fruits
• Fool
• Grated raw apples (also recommended to eat baked apples)

From the diet should exclude:
• Wheat and wheat
• Beans, lentils, legumes, cabbage
• Fresh flour
• Bold nourishing soups
• Soups
• Strong broth of meat, vegetables, fish, mushrooms
• Fatty meats and fish
• Canned and smoked
• Dairy products (except cheese)
• Pasta
• Not pureed fruits, vegetables and berries
• Any sweets
• Carbonated beverages
• Chilled drinks and meals


diarrhea is extremely important to comply with diet – need to eat often, but small portions (not to overtax the stomach and intestines).
After a meal should rest (but not lying). In order to restore the water balance, daily are supposed to drink 1.5-2.5 liters of free fluid. To the water utilized by the body, it is recommended to drink it literally by the throat, but very often.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: omelette steam of two eggs, boiled oatmeal, tea and wheat crackers
• lunch: dilute juice with water and easy cheesecake
• Dinner: boiled fish, mashed potatoes, rice soup with meatballs, jelly
• Snack: baked Apple (without skin)
• Dinner: steam chicken burgers, slimy porridge, broth hips
• Before sleep: pudding


Reviews show that a diet with diarrhea fairly quickly leads to normal bowel activity. It is very important not only to observe proper food plan, but also to treat the problem that led to the onset of diarrhea.