Diet for weight loss lyashek

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Weight loss program

Deciding to lose weight in the thighs, immediately set yourself to hard work on yourself. Unfortunately, one only a diet will not solve the problem. In addition to changes in diet and adherence to diet, optimal weight loss program includes:
• Exercise, work out problem areas (for example, you can pay attention to the Flex).
• Visualization of the desired result (you need to create in the imagination of your ideal body and continuously scroll the picture). It is acceptable to hang in a prominent place a poster with their own "improved" in photoshop the image.
• Massage treatments.
• fat burning bath.

Diet diet

You may have to resort to any diet, but none of them can have a local impact on the problem area (the body loses weight "in the complex"). We offer to your attention one of the variants of the diet. Important caveat – in order to lose fatty tissue, you will have to give the diet at least 4 weeks. The following diet for weight loss lyashek is designed exactly for such period.

Week No. 1

• Toast of black bread, pasta with cheese and chopped herbs, tea
• Bagel, boiled egg, glass of skim milk with 1 tsp honey

Options for brunch:
• Yogurt and radish
• low-fat yogurt

dining Options:
• low-fat broth, 150 g of fish, salad of green vegetables, tomato juice
• Soup with green peas, 100 g boiled beef, fruit salad, broth hips

the Options of afternoon tea:
• Freshly prepared vegetable juice and a cracker
• Dry biscuits and fruit juice

dining Options:
• a Large portion of the precast salad with herbs, tea
• Vegetable stew (without potatoes), tomatoes, herbal tea

Week No. 2

• Oat flakes with pieces of dried fruit, filled with low-fat yogurt
• cottage Cheese pie and a Cup of coffee

Options for brunch:
• Vegetable juice
• any of the fruits

dining Options:
• Steam beef patties, carrot salad, Cup of vegetable broth, crusty bread, tea
• Vegetable soup, salad of green vegetables, 100 g of boiled beef, fruit compote

the Options of afternoon tea:
• Yogurt and grain bread
• Fruit salad

dining Options:
• Fish baked with vegetables, green tea
• Vegetable casserole, broth hips

the next Two weeks of the diet, slimming lyashek have the same menu. If you want you can change the diet at his discretion, not necessarily "standing" within the scope of calories. Energy value of the diet and the caloric content of each meal will help you to calculate online calculators (in the first case, enter gender, age, height, level of physical activity, and the second – select the products and specify the weight portions). To lose weight, you will have to reduce the optimal calories by 300-400 kcal. Dinner try to eat until 18.00 (if I stay late, I can arrange an extra snack including an Apple or yogurt).


the Reviews confirm the fact that the correct problem area (in our case, thighs) using one only the diet is very problematic. Weight usually goes, starting with the upper body, and thigh-it comes not at once. In any case it is not necessary to resort to the so-called blitz-diets – they only exacerbate the problem. As practice shows, excellent results helping to achieve the Flex – muscle tension, backed by a special breathing provides directional effects. If additionally use massage and wraps the hips, the case will quickly move from the dead point.