Diet the "5 pounds in 5 days"

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Key recommendations

the Diet lasts for 5 days. If desired, it can be repeated but not sooner than a month. It is important to remember that the 5 kg is an average figure. When a large excess weight you can lose more, while small – slightly less. To increase the effectiveness of the diet will help you exercise.

Diet diet

Day # 1: meat menu

This day allows you to create a supply of proteins that are "building a base" for our body. The menu includes a diet of meats: chicken without skin, beef and rabbit. The meat is perfectly nourishes and creates the prerequisites for weight loss. Before meals and between meals should drink non-carbonated water or unsweetened teas.

• Breakfast: boiled meat (veal or beef) – 150 g
• Lunch: chicken fillet boiled – 100 g
• Dinner: stewed or boiled rabbit meat – 200 g

Day # 2: vegetable menu

Protein foods can lead to the development of constipation, so after a meat diet is necessary to resort to the vegetable menu – cellulose contained in plant food, will correct the situation and improve intestinal motility.

• Breakfast: salad made of radish and fresh cucumbers (2 PCs of each)
• Dinner: stewed in vegetable oil eggplant (to improve the taste, it is recommended to use garlic)
• Dinner: kohlrabi, boiled
• Liquid diet all day: water, unsweetened tea, freshly made vegetable juice

Day # 3: fruit meal

After the meat and vegetables the body is experiencing some deficiency of glucose, which may cause slowing of metabolic processes. To avoid this, the next day diet is devoted to fruits. In addition to glucose fruits provide the body fiber, pectin, vitamins, mineral substances, organic acids (the latter spurring the metabolism and stimulate the process of losing weight). A large part of plant foods has antioxidant properties. Along with fruits the menu that day included natural honey.

• Breakfast: avocado, 2 tsp honey
• Lunch: tangerines (3-4 pieces)
• Dinner: grape (200 g)
• Liquid diet all day: water, unsweetened tea, freshly made fruit juice

Day # 4: cereal menu

Brown rice contains a number of useful features, well nourishes, helps to cleanse the body. In this day you're supposed to pay attention to the nuts – they provide the body the supply of fatty acids.

• Breakfast: rice porridge and pine nuts (5 tablespoons/2 tablespoons)
• Lunch: cereal and 8 tbsp almonds – 15 PCs.
• Dinner: porridge and 6 tbsp walnuts – 2 PCs.
• Liquid diet for the day: unsweetened teas and still water

Day # 5: cheese menu

This day is based on drinking plenty of fluids and eat low fat cottage cheese. The liquid improves digestion and cleanses the body. Cheese ensures the supply of proteins.

• for Breakfast and dinner: 5 tbsp low-fat cottage cheese and 500 ml of water
• Dinner: 7 tbsp low-fat cottage cheese and 750 ml water


This method of weight loss is contraindicated in diseases of the kidneys and gastrointestinal tract. If you have any chronic disease should consult a doctor.


Reviews show diet 5 pounds in 5 days quickly takes the weight, but seriously exhausting the body. Those who used this eating plan have noted the deterioration of health (up to unconscious States). In addition, the result of the extra weight loss is very difficult to keep (the weight is quickly restored).