Kremlin diet

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Basic rules

the Basis of KD is outlined in the American system called "the efficiency of the power applied in the development of military ration and U.S. astronauts", so it is sometimes called "Diet of American astronauts". Experts attribute the Kremlin diet for weight loss to low-carb, which is very popular at the present time in the West.

The principles of nutrition

1. The main principle of the Kremlin diet — the minimal consumption of carbs entering our body. If you strongly limit their number, will consume energy reserves in our body fat. So the main thing in this diet is not quantity of food, and counting the carbs that they contain.

2. All the food in Kremlevka are indicated in conventional units (u.e.), to calculate which is recommended in the preparation of the daily diet. 1 conventional unit is equal to diet 1 gram of carbohydrates, which are Central to the adherence to this diet.

The advantages of the diet

1. Benefits that we lose weight by restoring metabolism, impaired because of the consumption of carbohydrates in large quantity. However, their daily intake decreases drastically only in the first 2 weeks, and then you can adjust it depending on the needs of her body. As a result, we lose weight in record short times and relatively safe, so as not to deprive the body high levels of protein, vitamins and minerals. However, doctors advise strongly to get involved in the regulation of KD and to reduce the number.e. to zero and abandon vegetables and fruits. In this case, the person is not hvatatet essential vitamins.

2. One of the advantages of the diet is that people can constantly monitor and regulate your weight. Because each individual's own consumption of calories. To maintain a stable weight, you just need to not exceed this rate. To reduce weight, it is necessary, therefore, to reduce it. If you approach your diet sensibly, you will notice other pleasant results from increasing the consumption of protein foods the skin usually becomes smooth and elastic.

3. Also the Kremlin diet for weight loss can relieve a person from carbohydrate addiction, drowsiness and a constant feeling of hunger, cravings for sweets and other troubles related to eating. People pay attention to the quantity and the quality of the products, change your diet and end up eating right become a very useful habit.


Such a diet is contraindicated in all chronic diseases (especially diseases of blood vessels, heart, kidneys and stomach). It is impossible to adhere to during pregnancy.

The composition of the products

composition of the Kremlin diet is protein and vegetable. Therefore, the person adhering to this diet, in unlimited quantities consumed protein foods, but should just give up everything that contains sugar.

How to achieve results?

For effective weight loss in the first 2 weeks should be limited to only 15-20 conventional units (u.e.), you can then move on to a more extensive diet, making the number have.e. up to 30-35, and after 1-2 months, up to 40.e. a day. More accurate information about the carbohydrate content of different products you can get fromcalorie table(kolodochka carbohydrates). Table of carbohydrates, certainly not full — but we are slowly complemented her on the forum.


the Kremlin diet no prohibition on consumption of meat, fish, eggs, cheese. Allowed moderate consumption of vegetables if they contain some carbohydrates. Allowed to consume alcohol, but also if it is low in carbohydrates and, therefore, the minimum number.e.

At the same time the consumption of bread, rice, and flour and potato dishes should be kept to a minimum, to completely give up sugar, because he is the leader on the composition of the carbohydrate – 99 units per 100 grams. Thus, 1 lump of sugar the amount of carbohydrates will be equal to your daily diet. That is why the main rule of the Kremlin diet – food should be sugar-free.

The approximate menu of the Kremlin diet for 3 days

For your convenience, we present a sample menu, which will tell you what you should make your diet. You can substitute ingredients and dishes (recipes a lot), but you will have to focus on the "value" of products or the number of specific units (from.e.), contained therein.

1 day

Breakfast: hard cheese – 1.e. (100 g), fried eggs of 2 eggs with ham – 1 y.e. and unsweetened coffee or tea – 0.e.

Lunch: vegetable salad with mushrooms – 6.e. (150 g) cream soup of celery – 8.e. (portion – 250 grams), as well as steak and unsweetened tea – 0 have.e.

Dinner: tomato medium size – 6 in.e. and boiled chicken 0 y.e. (recommended dose is 150-200 g)

Summary of the daily diet: at 22.e.

Day 2

Breakfast: a couple eggs stuffed with mushrooms – 1.e. as well as unsweetened tea – 0.e.

Lunch: vegetable salad with butter – 4 in.e.(100g), cabbage soup with meat and sour cream – 6 in.e. (250 grams), and shashlik (recommended portion is 100 g) and unsweetened tea or coffee – for 0 have.e.

Dinner: cauliflower, boiled – 5.e. (100 g) and fried in vegetable oil chicken breast and unsweetened tea without sugar – 0 y.e.

the Total daily intake: 21.e.

Day 3

Breakfast: black olives – 2.e. (10 PCs), an omelet of 4 eggs add grated cheese – 3.e. and unsweetened tea – 0.e.

Lunch: vegetable salad with mushrooms – 6.e. (150 gr), ear – 5.e. (250 grams) and lyulya-kebab of lamb (recommended portion is 100 g) and unsweetened coffee or tea – for 0 have.e.

Dinner: lettuce – 4.e. (200 g), fried fish (the recommended dose is 150-200 g) and tea without sugar – 0 y.e.

Total daily ration: 20.e.

Recipes Kremlin diet

Recipes for KD a lot, including on ourforum.

As you can see, the Kremlin diet is even convinced foodie – a large selection of menu options just won't leave the place a sense of dissatisfaction. In addition, we led a very meager diet that is more suited to beginners, and further menus will become more diverse. This explains the great popularity is inherent to this method of weight loss.