Fat-burning diet

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The performance and the duration of the diet

the Optimal duration of the diet – 7 days, during this time, you can lose 3-5 kg If you do not wish to quick weight loss appeared sagging body exercise.

Key recommendations

This technique provides a hearty liquid diet should drink non-carbonated drinking water and unsweetened teas (green, herbal). The General rule of free fluid – 2.5 litres Per hour before each meal is supposed to drink a glass of water. The diet is based on a fractional power – provides 4 meals, the interval between them is 3-4 hours. Dinner should be completed 2-3 hours before bedtime. Daily caloric intake should not exceed 1300-1500 kcal.


the Diet should be prepared yourself using the list of allowed foods. Breakfast and dinner are based on protein foods and veggies and fruits. Dining meals and afternoon tea in addition enriched portion of carbohydrates.

Recommended protein foods (daily rate):
• Boiled eggs – 2 PCs.
• steam or boiled fish (you can substitute an equal amount of seafood) – 170 g
• Lean meat – 100-110 g (you can substitute lean ham in the same quantity)
• a minimum fat cottage Cheese – 100 g
• low fat cheese – 50-60 g
• Yogurt, milk, the low fat yoghurt – 120 ml (for these products should add half the norm of all other protein products)
• Nuts (peanut is banned) – 30 g

Recommended vegetables and fruits:
• Any vegetables (2 PCs) with the exception of potatoes and beans (can be cooked vegetable salad)
• steamed veggies (potatoes not used) — 300 g
• Canned green peas – 100-150 g (you can substitute an equal amount of canned corn)
• Grapefruit, orange, Mandarin, pear, apricot, lemon, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, cherry – 300 g (fruit can be prepared mixed salad)
• Dried fruit – 60 g
• Melon – 1-2 slices

Recommended starchy food:
• mashed potatoes – 2-4 tbsp
• Boiled buckwheat, rice, pasta – 2-3 tbsp
• Corn – 1 head
• Lentils – 3-4 tbsp
• whole grain or rye bread – 25 g

The secret of effective diet

fat-burning low-calorie diet is very effective because it is based on lean protein food (protein requires for its absorption a certain amount of energy). Dairy products provide the body with calcium and phosphorus – substances involved in the process of releasing energy from fat cells (calcium and phosphorus contribute to the development of a special hormone, calcitriol). Plant foods included in a menu rich in dietary fiber, accelerating the purification of the organism from the feces, and excess moisture.

Contraindications and additional recommendations

after 7 days of the diet are supposed to go gentle on the menu — it is recommended to stick to a fractional power (provides 4-6 meals). A couple of weeks excludes all dangerous for the figure products: fatty meats, sweets, pastries, fast food, alcohol. This diet will allow you to save the results.

Diet is contraindicated for people with kidney disease (protein creates an increased load on the body). The presence of any chronic diseases can also become an impediment to the diet (consult your doctor).


Judging by the reviews, fat-burning diet attracts the fact that diet can make completely independently, focusing on a list of recommended products. This allows you to eat relatively diverse.