Diet for allergies

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Advice on nutrition

To find out what allergen provokes a negative reaction, it is necessary to make samples (notches) in the laboratory. In accordance with the received result, you will be able to adjust the menu.

• If you are allergic to pollen from the diet excluded a large part of the stone fruit (berries and fruits), as well as celery, carrots, nuts, dill.

• Allergic to grass and meadow grass imposes restrictions on the use of bakery products. It is impossible to enter into the diet of pasta, bread crumbs, bread kvass, semolina, ice cream, halva, legumes, sorrel.

• If there is an Allergy to Compositae (mugwort on and so forth) it is necessary to abandon the use of melons, greens, watermelons, spices. This limit is imposed on sunflower oil and its derivatives – mustard, mayonnaise, halva. Excludes "wormwood" beverages (vermouth, absinthe), and herbal teas with chamomile, mother and stepmother, yarrow.

• Allergy to quinoa imposes a ban on beets, spinach, pears, peaches, mango, honey, kiwi, pineapple, mustard.

• an Allergy to aspirin and the salicylates causes significantly limit the use of citrus fruits, peaches, berries, plums, melons, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, potatoes. You should be very careful to pick herbs, as salicylates are present in the Mar root, raspberry leaf, willow bark, and marsh cinquefoil, meadowsweet, the peony.

Nonspecific diet

the General diet prescribed for allergies, eliminates the strongest allergens that most frequently cause allergic reaction. This category includes:
• Fish, shellfish, caviar, seafood
• Meat birds
• Smoked
• Egg
• Mayonnaise
• Vinegar
• Cocoa and chocolate
• Coffee
• Mustard, citrus, nuts, radish, horseradish, garlic, radish, onion (fresh), tomatoes, eggplant, peppers, mushrooms, strawberries, strawberries, melon, kiwi, pineapple
• Honey
• Spice

eating Plan restricts the consumption of salt, sugar, bread, pasta, sweets. Such a diet is called non-specific – it is recommended to stick with any type of Allergy, regardless of symptoms (this can be skin rashes, runny nose, asthma attacks, digestion problems).

Special instructions

If you are allergic, you should avoid drinking alcohol. Despite the fact that alcoholic drinks without additives usually allergies do not cause, they are the rapid penetration of food allergens into the blood. It is important to remember that allergies contribute to specific components of the drink: sulfur, histamine and mold – wine, malt and yeast in beer, extracts and flavors in the vodka.

Doctors advise to avoid eating genetically modified products. The risk group also includes soy, rice, corn, cotton, cucumbers, pumpkin, peppers, potatoes. Unfortunately, even the label "GMO" can not protect the consumers about the proper degree of verification products can only dream of.

Another important point of the diet is the maximum limit of products with fragrance and dyes. Allergies absolutely contraindicated the following additives: E102, E104, Е107 (this additive is especially dangerous in asthma), E110, E120 (this Supplement can not only lead to skin itching, but also anaphylactic shock – a life-threatening condition), Е122, E123, E124 (this additive is especially dangerous for asthmatics and for people intolerant of aspirin), E129, Е132, Е133.


According to many people, faced with nasty symptoms (itching, tearing, allergic rhinitis), diet with allergies is the most important factor that help to reduce their severity. Unfortunately, a change of diet is usually not enough. You must consult the doctor-allergist — he will give the relevant recommendations.