Diet "3 hours"

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There are many methods of weight loss and most of them based on the respect of the fractional power mode. We offer to your attention diet 3 hours fall into this category.

The story of the diet

This diet has offered the world Jorge Cruz and it happened a significant event in the middle of the last century. As a teenager, Jorge had a serious excess weight that was the cause of plenty of troubles: peers mocked him, the condition steadily deteriorated. Having no relations to the sphere of nutrition, the kid independently developed a simple but very effective scheme of losing weight, he began to eat every 3 hours. To the present time, Jorge managed to write several books on weight loss. He is the editor of a number of fitness publications and regularly participates in talk shows.

Information about diet

you need to Eat every 3 hours, with meals should be small. Breakfast should be an hour after waking up, dinner needs to be complete 3 hours before a night's rest. Diet includes 3 main meals and 2 extra. This version of the food distribution normalizes digestion, accelerates metabolism, removes the feeling of heaviness in the stomach, but also leaves no space for hunger. Jorge recommends daily drink at least 8 glasses of pure water. Cruz also advises to limit the consumption of coffee. If you can not do without a refreshing drink at each drinking a Cup of coffee should account for 2 extra cups of water (coffee drink need not imply increased consumption of water throughout the day). The fact that the popular beverage promotes the excretion of body moisture.

with regard to the range of products, stringent restrictions do not exist here. The author proposes to limit the consumption of alcohol, fast food, frozen food. Nutrition should be balanced diet does not provide the sharp decline in standards of carbohydrates or increasing protein intake (Jorge recommends to follow the rule of "Golden mean"). The diet must be present fats – without them it is impossible to fully be satisfied, in addition, lipids play an important role in the body. In any case can not starve or limit yourself at all (this leads to failures).

the Main rule is eating small portions of food (for example, you can limit the sized your own fist or eat from small plates).

The performance diet

This method is not conducive to rapid weight loss, but the result will be stable. In an average week you will lose weight by 1 kg (the result may slightly fluctuate in one direction or another). The optimal duration of a diet – 28 days.

Physical activity

the author of the diet believes that exercise "spur" the metabolism and therefore help accelerate weight loss. In his books dedicated to weight loss, Cruz recommends doing just a few exercises a day, but in an ultra fast pace.

Additional recommendations

the Author offers a diet to start losing weight after some training. First of all, it strongly recommends to realize – no matter how you look, you deserve love. Please reconsider your attitude to yourself, believe in your power. Be sure to find many like-minded people supporting each other, you will lose weight faster.


Based on the fact that the 3 hours diet allows you to eat everything, it causes a lot of positive feedback. Slow loss of adipose tissue in line with the recommendations of nutritionists is just a diet pills can ensure consistent results.