Diet "1 kg in a day"

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The timing and effectiveness of the diet

This method of weight loss does not have a clear time limit – it can stick like 3 and 7 days. It is believed that this approach facilitates the achievement of the goal – the absence of time constraints allows to improvise. For example, you can devote a diet a couple of days, then relax, eating normally (without overeating) and to revert to the diet. By the way, this diet plan is quite justified. The body will not experience stress from constant deprivation, and therefore, will not cause a slowdown in metabolism. As for weight loss – do not expect that each day will carry not less than 1 kg – a lot depends on the individual, but also from the original weight. 1 kg is only the average figure.

Key recommendations

Diet calls for 8 meals. You should eat every 2 hours, Breakfast is recommended to coincide with the 7.00 and the last meal should finish at 21.00. To rearrange the products in some places or replace them with equivalents will decrease the effectiveness of the diet. If you do not have time to eat in time – wait for the next meal. Throughout the day you should drink about 8 glasses of water.

Diet diet

• Meal No. 1: green tea without sugar (tea "Wake up" the body and triggers the processes of cleansing)
• Meal # 2: egg, brewed in a bag or boiled eggs (lutein and Biotin present in chicken egg and promote the breakdown of fat)
• Meal No. 3: pre-steamed raisins, seeds (1 tbsp) – this product provides a supply of carbohydrates and prevents the breakdown
• Meal No. 4: 100 g of meat or poultry fillets boiled (this product provides a supply of protein and does not allow the body to "eat" muscle tissue instead of fat stores)
• Meal No. 5: 1 tbsp. homemade tomato juice (healthy drink improves the functioning of gastrointestinal tract and metabolism)
• Meal No. 6: boiled chicken egg
• Meal # 7: Apple (the fruit is rich in fiber and pectin, and also provides some amount of carbs)
• Meal No. 8: 250 ml of low-fat yogurt or other fermented milk drink (fermented milk products improve metabolism and normalize digestion)

a Little advice: if tonight you feel an irresistible feeling of hunger, try to drink yogurt in small SIPS and not gulp (you can even eat it teaspoon). This will allow you to feel full. Another popular way to reduce appetite, intake of water between meals (you can drink the liquid should be very small SIPS).


Diet, consuming 1 kg per day is contraindicated in the presence of any chronic or acute health problems. Despite the fact that the diet involves a fractional power mode, it does not provide a full supply of nutrients.


Diet 1 kg a day quite popular. Reviews say that this technique really takes the weight. At the same time, it's not perfect – the menu is not very diverse, and each meal provides a tiny amount of food (impossible to eat). Everything else, when the relaxation regime lost pounds can quickly return to the "rightful place".