Diet for cholelithiasis

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Gallstone disease (abbreviated to GSD) is characterized by formation of stones in the bile ducts and gall bladder. Over time, this leads to the development of cholecystitis. Without observance of rules of power with the problem is impossible to cure – diet for gall stones is one of the main methods of treatment.

Helpful information

GSD develops largely due to the violation of food diet (from eating a large amount of fatty, fried or spicy food). On this basis, dietary restrictions must be observed throughout life (diet, prescribed for cholelithiasis, is not of a temporary nature and it should be accepted).

the Main purpose of the diet is the normalization of the digestive processes. This is achieved through the adherence to diet – patients should eat 5-6 times a day. To be eaten in small portions with an interval of 2 hours. The last meal should be completed at least 2 hours before sleep (when reflux for 4 hours before bedtime). Excludes any product that stimulates increased secretion of the gastric juices. Food wipe should not be. Products can be boiled, simmer, bake (roasting excluded).

Advice on nutrition

subject to the Exclusion of fatty meats and also duck, goose, fatty chickens with the skin. You cannot enter into the diet of very fatty fish. Contraindicated offal (liver, kidney, brain). Recommended to eat: rabbit, veal, beef without the connective tissue and fat. 2-3 times a month, you can enter into the diet of lamb or pork (portion weight 200 g). It is permissible to eat lean chicken, Turkey, quail (skinless). Useful lean fish (Pollock, saffron cod, cod, pike, hake, perch). You can enter in your diet seafood: welcome squid, shrimp, clams, crabs.

Under the ban of meat, chicken, fish, mushroom broths and dishes based on them. You can't eat the hash. Any entrees need to be vegetarian – welcome beetroot soup, botvinya, krupenik. You can cook soups with milk. In the first dish you cannot add zazharku, but you can improve their flavor with finely chopped greens. As a garnish it is better to use oat, buckwheat, barley and other cereals. Pasta is unfavorable (due to high caloric content and lack of much use).

Welcome beets, cabbage, zucchini, carrots and other vegetables rich in fiber (dietary fiber removes cholesterol and bile acids). Fall under the ban of sour and spicy vegetables: spinach, radish, sorrel, garlic, green onions, grilled and marinated vegetables. Mushrooms is also prohibited, as they are considered heavy food.

milk and Milk products low fat you can enter the diet frequently. Unwanted cream, sour cream, fat cottage cheese. Butter not fall under the ban — you can add it to the finished dish. The priority are vegetable oil. You can eat egg whites (yolk excluded). Absolutely contraindicated eggs, hard-boiled or fried in fat. It is useful to enter into the diet of bran bread (yesterday's baking) biscuits and crackers. Fresh bread, buns, puff pastry fall under the ban.

From the entire range of spices are only permitted to use the cinnamon, vanilla and saffron. Dessert should be replaced by fruits and berries. Instead of sugar is better to use natural honey. In liquid diet priority for fresh juices and non-carbonated water. Do not neglect the decoctions of the dried fruit, rosehip or hawthorn. Contraindicated alcoholic beverages (with the exception of a quality dry or semi-sweet wine).


Diet for gall stones helps to feel relieved, but to observe it is constant. Practice shows that violation of the recommendations on nutrition quickly leads to deterioration.