Diet for acetone in children

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Nausea, vomiting, lack of appetite – these symptoms are not always talking about banal poisoning. It is possible that they indicate the development acetonemic syndrome. Diet for acetone in children helps to cleanse the body and prevent dehydration.

Information about the disease

Acetoneiso syndrome characterized by the formation of an elevated number of ketone bodies. this condition is accompanied by symptoms such as:
• the Smell of acetone breath
• persistent vomiting for 1-5 days
• Complete lack of appetite
• Intoxication and dehydration of the organism
• Increased body temperature
• Change increased excitability weakness, lethargy and drowsiness
• abdominal Pain, having colicky
• constipation
• Deterioration of heart sounds, arrhythmia, and tachycardia.

This pathology develops due to a lack of glucose in the body. In order to get the desired amount of energy, the body begins to use fat (in the process of splitting a molecule formed of glucose and acetone). Due to the lack in the child's body with special enzymes that break down the acetone, the surplus of this substance. For several days the child's body "learns" to produce enzymes, by the end of the 5th day is usually the body is cleared. To know exactly the level of acetone should buy a test in pharmacy. It is obligatory to consult with your doctor. Diet prescribed for acetone in children, assists in the removal of corrosive components and prevents dehydration.

Advice on nutrition

Diet provides abundant liquid diet is recommended to drink alkaline mineral water (without gas) – the priority Borjomi, Morshynska, Truskavetska, Polyana Kvasova. In the acute phase is to eliminate foods and give your child to drink small portions of water (literally a spoonful), but with a small interval (every 15-20 minutes). In the presence of vomiting will have to give the solution regidrona. If the child wants to eat, you can feed him a cracker.

the next day the child is given wheat crackers, water, broth rice, baked apples. The third day allows to enrich the diet pureed rice porridge. On the fourth day of illness acceptable to add to previously used products app cookies and soup (as a dressing it is recommended to use vegetable oil). Further the diet includes milk, yogurt, curd, porridge, soups on vegetable broth, lean meat of adult animals, eggs (1 per day), vegetables and fruits, juices with pulp.

Toddlers are encouraged to feed the fractional – usually provides 5-6 smaller portions of food. It is extremely important not to force your child to eat – you need to focus on the patient's condition. Products can be boiled, broiled, steamed. Food should be as fresh. Excluded from the diet of fatty and fried foods. The child's body is shielded from food containing purine bases.

• Nourishing soups and dishes based on them.
• the Meat of young animals
• Herring
• Fatty pork
• Smoked and canned goods
• Sorrel, rhubarb, cauliflower, spinach, tomatoes
• Coffee, cocoa, black tea, carbonated beverages
• products made of dough
• Sour
• Kiwi, banana
• Chips


Diet for acetone in children shall be strictly observed – a growing organism and so very difficult to cope with the problem. Reviews indicate that already the first days of the diet brings some relief – it is important not to forget about the necessity of copious drinking (servings of water needs to be quite small, but the child should drink frequently).