Diet Hayley Pomeroy

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metabolic disorders is one of the causes of excess weight. Diet Hayley Pomeroy for faster metabolism allows you to lose weight without severe restrictions of the diet.

Book Hayley Pomeroy "Diet to speed up metabolism"

Hayley Pomeroy wrote a book which describes in detail not only the stages of weight loss, but also how they act on the body. In addition to the diet in the book gives advice on proper physical activity – the degree of stress also depends on the stage. Hayley talks about common mistakes losing weight people, explains why it is impossible to starve and exhaust yourself to excessive physical exertion. She talks about the dangers of "one-sided" diets that exclude from the diet of carbohydrates or fats. Hayley calls himself a body mechanic, a trainer of metabolism and innovator. The author promises that in 4 weeks diet everyone can lose about 10 kg by eating healthy foods and not counting calories.

Helpful information

the Diet of H. Pomeroy is used to speed up metabolism. A thoughtful diet and proper loads are reshaping the process of metabolism and cause the body to use excess fat. Because of this, even after the diet the weight does not increase and remains approximately at the same level.

During the diet of fundamental importance is the diet. You need to eat 5 times a day. It is recommended to have Breakfast about 30 minutes after you Wake up – skip the meal impossible. The approximate interval between meals – 3 hours.

Each week the diet is divided into stages:

  • the first 2 days are devoted to dealing with stress (allowed to eat useful carbs) – during this period, normal adrenal gland function;
  • over the next 2 days and has freed up fat stores and increases lean muscle mass;
  • last 3 days are devoted to the accelerated burning of fat – normalizes hormonal balance, increases the heat transfer.

Diet menu

Sample menu phase 1

For Breakfast, eat oatmeal or other porridge with berries (don't add flax seed or nuts). Instead of porridge to eat a slice of grain bread and a slice of honeydew melon. As a snack eat something fruit (mango, watermelon, pineapple, strawberries). Lunch: protein and vegetables (e.g., vegetable soup with beans and Turkey). Dining and dessert afternoon snack – something from fruit (peach, pear, melon, Apple). Dinner: protein and vegetables (broccoli, spaghetti, beef tenderloin, etc.).

Sample menu phase 2

Breakfast: egg white omelet with spinach or lettuce and homemade ham. After 3 hours eat a piece of dried beef and cucumber. Lunch: vegetables and fish. Another snack – a protein (egg or meat). Completing the meal: vegetables and fish.

Sample menu phase 3

For Breakfast you can eat good fat, protein, vegetables, fruit (omelet with mushrooms, toast, peach). Snack: a third of an avocado. At lunch, prepare a salad of fresh tomatoes and eggs. Afternoon tea – a small amount of raw almonds. The perfect dinner: steamed vegetables and protein (chicken, shrimp).

At all stages of the diet can not be used:

  • alcohol and drinks containing caffeine;
  • sugar substitutes;
  • soy;
  • corn;
  • low-fat products;
  • milk;
  • dried fruit.


Diet to speed up metabolism Hayley Pomeroy takes a short period of time, provides a good plumb line, doesn't make you starve. This technique really deserves attention.