Diet "The Silver Platter"

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The basic idea of the diet

This diet is aimed at rapid reduction of the weight of the bar. There is no need to deny yourself all – just limit the portion size. Here are some useful tea saucer (its diameter should not exceed 13-14 cm). It is recommended to eat 4 times a day, each of the portions should be placed in the saucer, reaching its edges.

What can you eat while on a diet called the silver Platter? In principle, the right choice is for themselves losing weight – if you want you can even afford dessert, prohibited other methods of weight loss. It is important to control the size of portions. And yet, to abuse the loyalty of this meal plan is not necessary – appealing to the taste buds but bad for the figure of food is best to eat no more than once a day. 3 meals worth devoting more wholesome food.

the menu must contain lean protein (lean meats and fish, cheese, dairy, eggs). This element is needed by the body for building tissues and for proper metabolic processes. No less important complex carbohydrates – we get them by eating cereals, vegetables, fruit. From fat priority for vegetable oils (Margarines, culinary fats and refractory is better to exclude). As a dietary Supplement, it is useful to enter into the diet of bran (for the improvement of intestinal peristalsis, you can add them to your meals).

If you want to strengthen the effectiveness of the diet:
• cut the semi-finished products
• Once a week to arrange unloading of the protein, or several times a week, eat an extra portion of cheese (to protect muscle tissue from breakdown)
• Drink plenty of fluid (for every 1 kg of body weight should have about 40 ml of water)
• Limit the rate of sugar (to sweeten drinks use artificial sweeteners)

Duration and effectiveness of the diet

This diet is designed for 1-2 weeks. During this time, you can lose 5-7 kg During the diet, exercise (physical activity will maintain muscle tone and prevent sagging of the body such side effect occurs when rapid weight loss).

The pros and cons of the diet

This technique is good because it allows you to gradually wean yourself from overeating (during the diet of the stomach wall do not stretch the food, as in a saucer is placed only a small amount). Another plus – the lack of strict restrictions (advice on nutrition, though there are, but they are quite allowed to adjust at its sole discretion).

Negative diet – it is difficult to observe if a person is accustomed to the dense snacking. If the stomach is stretched, then the norm of food is placed in a saucer, it will not fill (therefore, there will be a famine). Another embarrassing moment: lost weight after the diet for the most part returned.

Sample menu

• Breakfast: spoonful of buckwheat or oatmeal porridge, and steam scrambled eggs 1 egg
• Lunch: soup with chicken and mushrooms
• Snack: fruit ice cream
• Dinner: vegetable stew


the Diet Plate is not like all. The fact that greatly limited by the volume norm of food (4 plates a day) leaves no room for hunger. Judging by the reviews, to stifle it by eating between meals liquid (unsweetened teas, water).