Diet 5A

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This treatment table is prescribed for hepatitis and cholecystitis (in the initial acute stage), as well as at exacerbation of chronic hepatitis. Diet 5A seriously limits the diet.

The purpose of the diet

Therapeutic meal plan helps to restore disturbed functions of the biliary tract and liver, and promotes the accumulation of glycogen, stimulates bile secretion. However, diet mechanically and chemically protects the digestive organs.

Characteristics diet

Diet provides the patient a full energy recharge. It is characterized by sufficient content of proteins and carbohydrates to limit fats subject (the main prohibition affects refractory fats). Restricted salt intake. Fall under the ban of foods rich in purines and fat. The maximum excluded extractives, coarse fiber, cholesterol, oxalic acid. Diet increases the rate of fluid, vitamins, lipotropic substances (this includes methionine, choline, lecithin).

Chemical composition and energy value of the diet

• the Energy value of the diet – 2350 - 2750 kcal
• the rate of protein – 80-100 g (60% animal origin)
• the Norm of fat – 70-80 g (of which 20-25 % of vegetable origin)
• rate of carbohydrates – 350-400 g (of which not more than 80-90 g sugar)
• rate of salt – 8 g
• the Norm of free fluid up to 2.5 l

Diet and cooking methods

Products are steamed or boiled in water, and wiped. Priority for liquid food. Temperature of serving dishes – comfortable for the stomach (hot and cold gets under the ban). Patients need to eat 5 times a day.

Diet diet

• Recommended: wheat white bread, yesterday's baking, not cookies
• banned: pastries from puff and fancy pastry, any fresh bread, rye bread

• Recommended: low-fat, no veins beef, rabbit meat, Turkey and chicken (without the skin) in the form of steam souffles, quenelle, meatballs, meatballs
• prohibited: fatty meats, game, duck, goose, liver, kidneys, brains, braised and roasted meat, sausages, smoked, canned food.

the Fish
• Recommended: fish in aspic vegetable broth, products from minced fish (souffles, etc.), and low-fat fish boiled and the steam of
• banned: fatty fish, and braised, smoked, salted and fried fish, canned fish, caviar

• Recommended: protein steam omelet, plus 1 yolk a day (it is added to dishes)
• taboo: hard-boiled or fried eggs, omelettes of whole eggs

• Recommended: milk (it is administered in the diet, provided good endurance), milk drinks, sour cottage cheese (low-fat) and meals based on it, low-fat sour cream (it adds to the dish), mild and unsalted low-fat cheese
• banned: fat milk (with concomitant enterocolitis), fatty and sour cheese, cream, fatty, salty and sharp cheeses.

• Recommended: refined vegetable oil, unsalted butter (a little bit)
• banned: any other fats

• Recommended: rice, Manne and buckwheat soufflé, as well as porridge, cooked in milk, diluted with water
• banned: barley and barley groats, millet, pasta, crisp cereal, legumes

• Recommended: pureed raw and steam vegetables (in priority pumpkin and squash)
• banned: sorrel, turnips, radishes, radish, cabbage, spinach, onion, garlic, and salted, pickled, marinated vegetables, mushrooms, cooked in any way

• Recommended: vegetable soups with pureed cereals and vegetables soups in diluted milk, soups, dressed with sour cream or butter
• taboo: fish, mushroom, meat broths, soups not pureed cereals and vegetables

• Recommended: sweet ripe berries and fruit, jelly, jellies, mousses, sugar, candy, marshmallows, honey, jam
• banned: solid, acidic, unripe fruits and berries, and berries with hard seeds, pastry cream, chocolate, halva, ice cream

• Recommended: tomato juice, loosely brewed tea with milk or lemon, broth hips, sweet berry and fruit juices
• banned: cocoa, natural coffee, or any cold carbonated drinks.


Diet 5A has its specifics – as evidenced by the reviews, limiting fatty foods has a beneficial effect on the digestive organs and the liver.