Diet "day after Day"

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Recommendations diet

Diet to be followed day after day, came up and tried to imagine Dr. Johnson from America. Adhering to this diet, American just a couple of months dumped 16 kg of excess weight. However, he felt no discomfort, metabolism is not disturbed, the process of burning fat steadily (that is, the weight stood on one mark, as happens in many well-known diets).

the meaning of the diet is simple – one of these days you need to eat in the normal mode (no special restrictions or excesses), and on the second day to do the unloading on any product (or multiple products). First 2 weeks should strictly adhere to such a regime. After that, if desired, it can be corrected: the "fed" day will be allowed to put in 2 "hungry" days, or 2 "full" days can alternate with one "hungry". Needless to say, the more "hungry" days, the better the result. If during this diet you made a "holiday belly", you have to increase the number of days of discharge.

Important requirement: the first 2 weeks, the rate of food in the "hungry" days must not exceed the fourth part from the usual amount of food. Then, the rate of food eaten can be increased to the third part of the volume of food in the "fed" days. Diet fasting days can be any – the author recommends that you opt for yogurt, cottage cheese, green vegetables, unsweetened fruits. As in the "fed", and during "hungry" days, the last meal should be finished before 19.00. During the diet should drink plenty of unsweetened fluids (in priority water without gas).

Duration and effectiveness of the diet

According to the author diet this method of weight loss does not have time limits – it can stick to until the desired result.

The speed of weight loss

note: the rate of weight loss, voiced by the author of the diet, can be observed only when a large excess weight. It is also worth considering that for the most part, a quick result is due to fluid loss and intestinal cleansing. Adipose tissue this rate is not burnt even in the case of a strict diet the body gets rid of on average 2-3 kg of fat per month.

Consolidation of the results of the diet

Should consider the fact that when irrational diet weight after a diet can come to the previous level. To avoid this, the author of the diet recommends that after its completion a weekly basis to arrange fasting day (if tolerated allowed to unload 2 days a week). That body looked fit, should be 2-3 times a week to exercise.


Despite assurances of the author that the diet is safe for health, it still has its contraindications. Do not resort to this method of weight loss in the presence of serious pathologies of the gastrointestinal tract. Be sure to consult your doctor possible individual contraindications.


usually, the diet day after Day is not satisfactory. People losing weight by this method, note her good performance. In most cases, diet does not cause any psychological or physical discomfort, because it does not makes us constantly eat only diet food.