Diet "Anorexic nymph"

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General information

Diet called Anorexic nymph is designed for 7 days to lose at least 5-7 pounds (with a large excess weight, you can lose weight 10 kg). Because the menu actually makes fasting stomach, which is called "shrinks" – after completing the diet, you will be able to do much less in terms of portions than before. As already mentioned, the diet of the diet is very scarce – the only thing not imposed restrictions – this liquid (natural, unsweetened). You can drink only water or tea, but coffee. Violate the diet by adding foods or moving them in some places, is contraindicated. This diet does not cause warm feelings in nutritionists – they warn that the extreme menu contrary to all the rules of a balanced diet.

Diet diet

every morning you have to drink water with lemon juice – this drink is designed to awaken the metabolism and speed it up. This, according to the authors of the diet will speed up the rate of fat burning. You can eat no sooner than 30 minutes after drinking. Remember that acidic environment is not the best way affects the condition of the tooth enamel – drink water with lemon juice through a straw and always rinse your mouth after that.


this day will have to confine the liquid diet – you can drink coffee, tea, water. Drinks should be warm enough but not hot. You can add to tea and coffee, skim milk.


Breakfast low-fat cottage cheese (200 g), have a coffee. At lunch, eat a grapefruit and a thin slice of cheese (20 g). Dinner will consist of 250 ml of low-fat yogurt. To Supplement the diet only water.


in the Morning cheer up the body, drinking a couple of cups of coffee. For lunch you're supposed to eat a couple of apples. For dinner it is recommended to drink 1-2 tbsp. fat-free yogurt. Between meals you need to drink water.


in Addition to coffee can afford for Breakfast, 15 grams of black chocolate. Lunch that day consists of chopped pineapple (200 g). For dinner limit yourself to yogurt (1 tbsp.)


Breakfast – a Cup of coffee. The dining menu includes fresh fruit (bananas and apples). Dinner as always scarce – 1 tbsp. of yogurt (can add Apple).


Breakfast Saturday includes only an Apple, lunch – only grapefruit, and the dinner does consist of water.


Breakfast this day is not original – again you have to cheer up with coffee. For lunch you can treat yourself to a diet sandwich consisting of whole wheat bread and slice of low-fat cheese. Dinner as always is not pleased with abundance confine yourself to yogurt (1 tbsp.).


it is Worth remembering that this diet does not cover the needs of an adult, both in calories and in nutrients. This adversely affects the health. During the diet, you will experience weakness and increased irritability. After the diet you may face exacerbation of chronic diseases. This technique is not suitable for people with pathology of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system, thyroid gland. It cannot be used at a young age, as well as the tendency to iron deficiency anemia. This diet could be the first step that will lead you to anorexia to get out of this state is far from over.


Diet Anorexic nymph – a completely irrational technique that provides only short-term results. As practice shows, most of the weight comes back almost immediately after the diet.