Diet "Minus pound"

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The main provisions of the diet

as the name suggests, weekly need to lose about 400 grams (1 pound = 0,45359237 kg). Diet will require you weekly processing weighing results (respectively, must be weighed daily). Based on the data, you adjust the caloric intake. In case of insufficient speed of weight loss (that is, if you lost less than 400 g) need to reduce the calorie content, but if left more than 1 pound a little boost. To weight control was as accurate as possible, you will have to purchase electronic scale. Weigh you will have in the morning, on an empty stomach (after bowel cleansing). The data recorded in the diary. At the end of the week arrange them in order of increasing average weight for last week will be the 4th figure, located from the beginning or end of the list.

Calculation of caloric intake

the Optimal caloric intake needs to be counted individually. You should definitely consider the rate of physical activity (CFA):
• Low physical activity (FA) – 1
• Medium FA – 1.3
• High F 1.5

calculation Formula for women:
• 18 — 30 years: 240 x CFA x (0,062 x current weight + 2,036)
• 31 — 60 years: 240 x CFA x (0,034 x current weight + 3,538)

calculation Formula for men:
• 18 — 30 years: 240 x CFA x (0,063 x current weight + 2,896)
• 31 — 60 years: 240 x CFA x (0,484 x current weight + 3,653)

If you use the calculated number of calories, the weight will remain at the same level. Reducing this figure, you will gradually get rid of excess weight.

Women of childbearing age are advised to reduce caloric intake by 200 kcal during the first half cycle, followed by a return to normal energy intakes. If a woman is taking hormonal contraceptives, or out of childbearing age, to reduce caloric intake by 200 kcal over the whole month. Men also needs to reduce the calorie content on a regular basis (up to achieve the desired result).

During the diet is recommended to strengthen the motor mode. If there are contraindications to sports, you can simply increase the duration of Hiking (for each thrown kilogram should have a 300 m walk at a slow pace or 150 m Jogging).

When the optimal result is to lose weight by 2 kg, should slow down the pace and increase the calorie content. Now weekly you need to drop about 200 g. the goal should be to eat, keeping the calories at an optimum level. If at the stage of maintenance weight fluctuates in one direction or another, you should adjust the caloric intake by about 100 kcal.

Diet diet

a Diet that allows you to drop a pound of weight per week, must remain balanced in composition. Every day you should drink 1.5-2 liters of fluid (caloric drinks and soups should be taken into account). At the stage of active weight loss a priority for low fat products. Rate of salt should be restricted to 5-6 g per day. We need to significantly cut consumption of sweets, muffins, white bread, alcohol and canned products. It is permissible to eat bread made from wheat flour and whole grain. Salads should fill with vegetable oil (1 tbsp a day).


Diet Minus the pound attracts freedom of choice – it has no hard restrictions on the range of dishes. Judging by the reviews, this method of weight loss ensures lasting results – the weight remains at that level.