Magic diet

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The main provisions of the diet

This method of weight loss is designed for 7 days, during this time, she takes 4-6 kg of excess weight. A couple of weeks (to secure the result) diet can be repeated. Unlike other methods, it doesn't make sports. The reason is very simple – the diet the diet is very modest, therefore, the active sessions can cause severe weakness. To restore the tone of the body you will have after this tough technique. Throughout the diet should drink plenty of still water – the optimal rate — 2-2.5 liters per day (liquid will help kill the appetite). The diet involves three meals a day – snacks are excluded. Sugar falls under the ban.

Diet menu

• Breakfast: unsweetened beverage (black coffee, tea)
• Lunch: boiled eggs — 2 PCs. and 50 g low-fat cheese
• Dinner: salad without fatty filling (vegetable or fruit)

• Breakfast: unsweetened beverage (black coffee, tea)
• Lunch: large Apple (you can substitute a pear or small banana), as well as boiled egg
• Dinner: boiled egg

• Breakfast: green or black tea (you can substitute herbal broth)
• Lunch: 100 g low-fat cheese or 150 g low-fat cottage cheese
• Dinner: vegetable or fruit salad without fatty dressings

• Breakfast: unsweetened beverage (black coffee, tea)
• Dinner: fresh plums or 8 pieces soaked in water, prunes and boiled egg
• Dinner: boiled egg

• Breakfast: green or black tea (you can also drink herbal broth)
• Lunch: fresh carrots or cabbage – 100 g
• Dinner: boiled egg

• Breakfast: unsweetened beverage (black coffee, tea)
• Lunch: apples, oranges or pears (your choice) – 2 PCs.
• Dinner: 1 tbsp. sour milk or buttermilk

• Breakfast: unsweetened beverage (black coffee, tea)
• Lunch: an Apple or an orange, and 30 g of low-fat cheese
• Dinner: boiled eggs


due to the excessively poor and unbalanced menu of this diet can only resort completely healthy people. The hard technique is absolutely contraindicated during pregnancy and lactation, young age, severe physical or mental work. Such a diet should not be respected if there are any abnormalities of the gastrointestinal tract.

The advantages and disadvantages of diet

the advantages of this technique include a fast weight loss, but the disadvantages are much more. Diet virtually eliminates the fat, but this element is vital for our body (no fat impossible proper metabolism, they are absorbed fat-soluble vitamins, with a serious shortage of lipids worsens the skin condition). Another important drawback – after the diet to retain the result achieved is almost impossible. The reason is that the weight goes mainly by cleansing the body (nutritionists claim that more than 150 grams of fatty tissue per day for the body to burn can't). Since the diet seriously reduces the proportion of carbohydrates, it provokes the appearance of unpleasant symptoms: dizziness, headache, weakness, irritability.


the Magic diet in most cases, causes negative feedback. Those who tried it on myself, talk about grueling hunger. Given that weight after the diet is coming fast to the previous level, it hardly makes sense to resort to this method of weight loss.