Diet "Tag"

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the Game of tag that involves a permutation of the numbered chips, very exciting. Psychotherapist Oleg Tern decided to use a popular game – it has provided us with an original method of losing weight. Diet Tag allows you to lose weight, playing with this process.

The essence of the diet

Instead of the numbered chips Oleg Tern proposed to use color. The color of the chips is determined by the option of foods depends on whether you want to save weight, dump him or get better. The right combination of "palette" allows to achieve the desired result, without causing health the slightest damage. Thern has developed a ready-made power scheme, so, unlike games, there is no need to think through moves.

the Main condition is the use of natural products (fresh, steamed, baked or braised — roasting excluded). The recommended method of food can be combined, focusing on the taste. Time and frequency of meals depends on lifestyle, but the author recommends to stop at four times the power.

Turn warns that during the diet you cannot prevent a fluid deficit. He recommends small portions to drink water throughout the day (in between meals) and be sure to use it before eating (to reduce appetite). Each of the meals should not exceed the size of the compressed fist in the palm of your hand. As a dressing for salads Turn proposes to use various vegetable oils (from time to time they can be replaced by natural yogurt). The author recommends that you exercise regularly.

The principles of nutrition

the first step is to clearly define the objectives of the diet and only then you need to select a power plan. With diagrams can be found by reading the book of Terna, "How to stop "sweating" and begin to live healthy!" (the approximate cost of the book is 230 rubles).

• a Balanced diet meets the green chip. After selecting it, you will be able to keep your weight at a constant level.
• Orange feature helps you to gradually lose excess weight. This scheme controls the flow of nutrients, except for sweet, fatty, starchy foods and spicy condiments, stimulating the appetite. The number of calories is reduced.
• Red chips corresponds to a rapid weight loss. Intake of calories is reduced due to the use of fats and simple carbohydrates. The priority plant foods and low fat protein products. Despite the fact that this scheme is without health much harm, more often than 6 times in a row to her to use is impossible.
• Gradual weight gain helps blue chip. The power plan allows you to eat foods of normal fat and calorie side dishes. The process should proceed slowly so as not to impair the health status (energy value of the diet is increased by 200-300 kcal).
• Purple chip "zigzag plus" allows you to relax and eat what you want. It "penetrates" in the power circuit not more than once a week.

Monitoring of results

the author of the diet offers to control the process, forget about the scale weighing in the morning (before eating, after bowel cleansing). In the early stages of the diet does not hurt to weigh yourself every day, determining the average value for 3-4 days. In the future, will be sufficient to carry out weighing several times a week.


If you believe the reviews, diet Tag is very easy and does not cause discomfort. In simple words, it is perceived as a fun game with almost a guaranteed prize in the final stage.