Diet for gastritis and pancreatitis

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Information about diseases

Gastritis, and pancreatitis affect different parts of the gastrointestinal tract. Gastritis is a group of diseases involving inflammatory process affecting the mucous membrane of the stomach. Pancreatitis is characterized by inflammatory lesions of the pancreas. Different and the causes of these pathologies.

Both diseases (pancreatitis and gastritis) require the remedial measures, but one of the fundamental aspects of therapy and in that and in other case is diet. The diet needs to remain varied and valuable. The severity diet therapy depends on the stage of the inflammatory process. In the acute phase eating plan provides the sparing of the digestive system. During remission diet as close to normal ration.

Diet in the acute period

In the acute phase of both diseases is the intake of food is dramatically limited. A couple of days is not suited to fasting (in this period is to drink non-carbonated mineral water). Starting from the third day you can enter in the menu of the patient mashed potatoes, liquid porridges, kissels, the wiped compotes. Further expansion of the menu shall be based on the well-being of the patient.

Diet in chronic gastritis and pancreatitis

If two diseases coexist with each other, the diet prescribed for gastritis and pancreatitis, should consider the level of acidity of gastric juice.

the Diet with high acidity:
• Wheat bread yesterday's baking, dry biscuits, dry biscuits, not muffins
• Noodles and pasta
• Inviscid pureed porridge, semolina soufflé and puddings
• Soups, vegetables and soups with well-cooked cereals (for the filling you can use butter)
• low Fat steam and boiled dishes of lean meats, poultry, fish
• Welded soft-boiled eggs, steam scrambled eggs
• fruits and Vegetables in a shabby or steamed
• Sugar, marshmallows, honey, candy, jam (limited)
• Not very sour milk products
• Weak tea, not too acidic juices, coffee, cocoa with milk

Diet with low acidity of gastric juice:
• specially Slightly stale or dried bread.
• Pasta
• Crisp cereal on the water
• Soups on low meat broth
• Lean meats without skin and tendons (boiled or baked)
• Milk sausage, language
• low-fat steamed, boiled or baked fish
• Boiled, steamed, roasted vegetables
• Not very sour fruits (without rough skin)
• Compotes, jellies, mousses
• Dairy products with normal acidity
• Creamy and refined vegetable oil
• Eggs (boiled or cooked in the form of an omelette)
• Tea, fruit and vegetable juices, diluted with water, juice, cocoa and coffee milk

From the diet excludes smoked, rough, salty, stimulating the secretion of gastric juice, spicy food, and pickles, marinades and any spices.

you Cannot use:
• Rye and fresh bread
• Danish Pastries and puff
• Barley and barley grits, millet
• Legumes
• Soup and soup
• Fatty and stringy meat, canned meat
• Oily fish and canned fish
• Cabbage, spinach, onion
• Canned, marinated and pickled vegetables and mushrooms
• Ice cream, chocolate
• Spicy, fatty and salty cheese
• Dairy with overly high acidity
• hard-Boiled eggs, scrambled eggs
• Soft drinks, beer, any alcohol, black coffee, kvass, grape juice
• hot spices
• Refractory animal fats
• Unripe berries and fruits


of Course, diet for gastritis and pancreatitis should take into account the individual characteristics of the patient. Practice shows that even disease in some way and are similar, but have their own characteristics. On this basis, it is not entirely correct to speak about the General diet.