Diet for kidney stones

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The causes of formation of kidney stones

Contributing factors to the formation of stones are:
• vitamin D
• Injuries and diseases of bones
• genetic predisposition
• Irregular metabolism
• dysfunction of the parathyroid glands
• Chronic diseases of the genitourinary system and the gastrointestinal tract
• Abuse of sour, spicy, salty food
• Accommodation in the regions with hot climates
• Prolonged dehydration on the background of infectious diseases or of intoxication
• Use of water with high salt content

The symptoms of stones formation in kidneys

the development of the pathology evidenced by the following symptoms:
• Dull or sharp pain in the lumbar region
• Increased body temperature
• Presence of blood in the urine (this symptom usually appears after exercise)
• swelling of the
• cloudy urine.
• high blood pressure
• Frequent urination
• Pain when urinating

Diet for uric acid kidney stones

In this version of the diet prescribed for kidney stones and prevents the formation of excess uric acid. Therapeutic nutrition plan calls for increasing the amount of fluid to 2.5-3 l

Recommended products:
• cereal
• butter
• Bread products (without the muffin)
• Dairy products (cheese, milk, sour cream, cream, yogurt)
• Vegetable oil
• Vegetables and meals based on them (in the priority color and white cabbage, pumpkin, carrots, cucumbers)
• Greens
• Mushrooms
• Berries and fruits

Under the ban gets rich in purines and oxalic acid foods:
• Nourishing soups and dishes based on them.
• Some vegetables (celery, beans, asparagus, Brussels sprouts, soya, sorrel, spinach)
• Canned food (herring, sprat, sprats, cod liver, sardines)
• Offal (liver, tongue, kidney, heart)
• Pies, jellies, liver sausage
• Pickles, smoked meat
• Spice

Diet with phosphate kidney stones

This power supply system is enriched with vitamins A, D, group B and excludes products with alkalizing properties.

Recommended products:
• Bread products (without the muffin)
• Pasta
• Poultry, fish, meat, eggs fish
• Mushrooms
• Vegetable oil
• Honey and sugar
• Infusion of rose hips, green tea
• cereal

fall Under the ban:
• Dairy products (you can use only a small amount of sour cream and butter)
• Canned
• the yolk of the egg
• Alcohol
• Pastries, cooked in milk
• strong brewed coffee and tea
• Pickles and smoked
• Strong broth
• Vegetables (in small quantities can be eaten as asparagus, Brussels sprouts, peas, pumpkin)
• Fruit, berries (in small quantities are allowed to eat prunes, plums, apples, red currants, cranberries)
• Nuts

Diet for oxalate kidney stones

This diet places a restriction on products containing oxalic acid.

Recommended products:
• Fish and meat low-fat varieties, boiled
• hot and Cold soups based on vegetables and fruits (they can be cooked from a turnip, cucumber, cabbage and cauliflower, apples)
• Fresh juice from berries and fruits
• Bread

fall Under the ban:
• Fatty meats
• by-products
• Mushrooms
• Meat, mushroom and fish broth
• Smoked
• canned Meat and fish
• Some types of vegetables (asparagus, lettuce, sorrel, spinach, red and Brussels sprouts, radish, celery, rhubarb, green beans, fried potatoes, parsley, beets, peppers, lentils)
• Some types of fruit (cranberry, strawberry, gooseberry, plum, red currant, grapes)
• the Meat of young animals
• Coffee, strong tea, cocoa, kvass, tomato juice


Diet for kidney stones should always be administered by a doctor – only a specialist can assess the nature of the problem and correct it by changing diet. Feedback suggests that well-designed nutrition plan really eases the symptoms and prevents the progression of the disease.