Diet Ani Lorak

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Recommendations from Ani Lorak

rumor has it that Carolina is by nature prone to be overweight and she has to make tremendous efforts to preserve the perfect weight. It is possible that it is the truth, but the artist stubbornly denies diets and claims that to keep in shape, it help the simple rules.

Ani Lorak prefers to eat often, but little by little (single portion of food should fit in the palm of your hand). Our heroine avoids sweets, smoked products, canned products. She long ago abandoned flour products, and tries not to eat anything after 18.00 (or at least, Caroline allows herself to eat a low-calorie vegetable). Our heroine does not smoke and avoids alcohol. Ani gladly eats fresh vegetables and fruits, cereals. She avoids fried food, preferring steamed or boiled in water products.

the Singer pays much attention to physical exercise, because without sports is impossible to create a perfect figure. Before going on stage Carolina not eat anything for three hours. After the speech she usually dumps 1 kg of weight.

The five-day diet of Ani Lorak

Despite the fact that Ani herself categorically denies his involvement in the world of diets, there are rumors that it still has its own nutrition plan. It the artist uses for fast shape recovery. In addition to the restrictions in the diet, the singer adheres to a particular motional mode and don't forget to care for the skin.

• Before Breakfast (in bed): 10 times, squeeze and unclench your fists, then run for 5 circular motions stop in both directions, then 10 times turn your head to one and to the other shoulder and after several times stretch the chin to the breast, while straining muscles
• After the gym: douche and facial massage
• Breakfast: coffee or tea and easy low calorie Breakfast
• lunch time: a walk in the fresh air (bring a bottle of water)
• Dinner: vegetables and boiled meat, and a Cup of green tea
• Beauty treatments bedtime: bath with herbal decoction (after her brush with skin cream)

• Before Breakfast: gymnastics and procedures of the previous day.
• Breakfast and lunch: fruit salad and mint tea
• Dinner: herbal tea
• Before you sleep, beauty treatments (nourishing face mask)

• Before Breakfast: gymnastics and procedures of the previous day.
• Breakfast: milk products
• Lunch: vegetable soup and salad from fresh vegetables with herbs
• Dinner: a Cup of yogurt
• Before you sleep, beauty treatments (bath with a decoction of herbs, massage with scrub)

• Before Breakfast: gymnastics and procedures of the previous day.
• Breakfast: boiled fish and green tea
• Lunch: fish with vegetables and green tea
• After dinner: walk and bath
• Dinner: boiled fish, fruit salad, few nuts

• Before Breakfast: gymnastics and procedures of the previous day.
• Breakfast: oatmeal, unsweetened and low-fat yogurt, a salad of banana, kiwi and Apple
• Lunch: mineral water, apples
• Evening: procedures for skin care, manicure
• Before sleep: Apple or yogurt.

During the diet completely eliminated sugar. From the salt it is also desirable to refuse, but should drink a lot (a preference for non-carbonated water). With good endurance you can add to the diet 2 day menu all day (to taste).


Judging by the reviews, the diet not only slim, but adds to the charm (the skin becomes well-groomed appearance). It is important to proceed with the above proposed plan of weight loss, making the absence of individual contraindications (consult physician).