Diet for colitis of the bowel with diarrhea

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Colitis – pathology, characterized by significant discomfort (pain, constipation, diarrhoea). To alleviate manifestations of this disease helps medical eating plan. Today we will tell you what should be the diet for colitis of the bowel with diarrhoea.

Diet diet

Diet prescribed for colitis of the intestine with diarrhea, implies a complete and balanced nutrition. Norm of salt is limited to 8-10 grams per day. Products need to boil or cook for a couple. You can also bake them in the oven, but without the formation of rough crust. It is recommended to eat 5-6 times a day.

Recommended products:
• Dry biscuits and white crackers
• Soups on the low-fat fish or meat broth through a well-boiled cereals and finely chopped vegetables
• Wheat bread baking yesterday
• Vegetables: cauliflower, potatoes, zucchini, carrots, pumpkin, green peas (pureed meals)
• Lean meats and poultry (can be cooked steam cutlets, quenelle, frikadelli souffle)
• Boiled or steamed fish low-fat varieties.
• Cereals (cooked on water, adding butter or cream, 5 g per serving) – excludes only millet
• Steam omelets and eggs, cooked soft-boiled (1-2 pieces a day)
• Fresh cheese (you can cook cheesecake, dumplings)
• Pureed fruit drinks, mousse, jelly sweet berries and fruits
• Jelly marmalade and marshmallows
• Baked pears and apples
• Tea and decoction of rose hips
• If tolerated: dill, parsley leaves, Bay leaf, cinnamon

the Exception are:
• puff pastry
• Baking
• Rye bread
• Soups based on legumes
• Soup, soup and a pickle
• Bread flour
• Fatty meats
• Milk soups
• duck and goose
• Salty and spicy cheeses
• Smoked, canned food, sausages
• Salty, fatty, smoked fish
• milk
• Eggs, hard-boiled or fried
• Vegetables: beets, cabbage, onions, radish, radish, garlic, pepper, beans, turnips, rutabaga, sorrel, mushrooms, spinach, horseradish
• hot sauces
• Grapes, plums, apricots, and juices from them
• Ice cream, cakes, chocolate
• Brew
• Alcohol
• Carbonated beverages
• Coffee

the Duration of such a diet – from 4 weeks to several months (until a stable improvement status).

Nutrition after the diet

After a strict diet to enter the diet meals different degrees of grinding and cooked in different ways (you can even fry foods, but without the crust). Excluded from the diet are individually non-portable products.

Completely contraindicated
• Acute and fatty sauces
• Alcohol
• Smoked and canned goods
• Grape juice
• kvass
• Carbonated beverages
• Coffee


according to the reviews strict diet for colitis bowel diarrhea should have a individual duration – only felt significant relief, you can gradually expand the diet.