Liver diet

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Liver diet helps cleanse the main filter of the body. The following nutrition plan to some extent, enhances the intestinal function, so its use is only in the absence of the tendency to diarrhea.

Diet menu cleanse the liver

• Day # 1: lean buckwheat

the Glass moved cereals pour three cups of boiling water, add 2 tbsp vegetable oil, chopped onion and cook until tender.

• Day # 2: salad and salad and caviar from beet

Vinaigrette. It is prepared by the conventional recipe, reducing the share of cucumbers and adding in the meal of boiled beans and 40-50 g of seaweed (it can be replaced by squid). The dish is seasoned with vegetable oil.

Salad. It is prepared from boiled beets (500-600 g), 1-2 tbsp raisins, seedless, fresh Apple and fresh carrot (100-150 g). Fill salad with vegetable oil.

Caviar. Saute onions in vegetable oil, add grated boiled beets, grated fresh carrots, chopped greens (celery, parsley, dill) and simmer, topping up a small amount of water.

• Day # 3: oatmeal

Cereal (1 tbsp.) is soaked in the evening (enough 3 tbsp. cold water) and left overnight. Porridge in the morning add raisins (1 tbsp), dry apples – 10-12 pieces and cook 5 minutes. If desired, the dish can be flavored with herbs.

• Day # 4: cottage cheese

cottage Cheese (500 g) can be flavored in different ways:
1. Raisins (2 tbsp)+ nuts (5-8 pieces);
2. Sour cream (100 g) or sour milk (1/2 liter);
3. Greens, bell pepper, garlic, vegetable oil.

• Day # 5: soup and bean salad, omelet

Bean soup. It is boiled on the water, adding vegetables and a large amount of greens.

Salad. 1,5 glasses of boiled beans mixed with chopped onions (scald it with boiling water) and fill with vegetable oil.

a Couple of times a day diet, you can enrich the steam with one-egg omelet.

• Day 6: porridge and compote

Porridge from cups grains (rice, millet, wheat or semolina).

Compote of dried fruits is cooked for 2-3 days before use. Allowable number of beverage: 1 liter.

• Day # 7: vegetable stew

the Stew is prepared from any available and suitable vegetables. Their finely cut, pour a small amount of water and stew on a slow fire.

• Day # 8: potatoes

the Daily norm of potatoes: 800 g. His (choice of): roasted, greased with vegetable oil, cook mashed potatoes, cooked slices and serve with greens. Additionally, you can eat a piece of fat (5-7 grams).

• Day # 9: crepes (pancakes) made with buckwheat groats and dried fruit compote (or broth hips)

To make pancakes glass of buckwheat grind in a coffee grinder, add egg, soda, sour milk and fry pancakes. An hour after eating should drink a compote or broth hips.

• Day # 10: apples

the Daily rate apples: 1 kg, one third of the apples are supposed to be eaten fresh and the rest need to either bake or saute, adding water.

• Day # 11: plant food

depending on the season you can eat berries, fruits, vegetables. Preferably squash, zucchini, pumpkin, sweet pepper, lettuce. Vegetables are allowed to prepare salads with vegetable oil.


If you believe the reviews, this diet not only cleanses the liver but also the kidneys. Given that each day, in fact, is a mono-diet, to withstand such a diet under force not to everyone.