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Diet kefir and apples


Yogurt is rich in protein and enzymes. Apples provide our bodies with vitamins, minerals, organic acids and dietary fiber. Considering that the caloric content of these products is small, diet kefir and apples are quite justified.

A strict diet for 1-2 days

a strict diet based on yogurt and apples designed for 1-2 days. The norm of consumption of yogurt is limited to one and a half liters. Throughout the day you're supposed to eat 1-1.5 kg of apples. Diet – fractional (6 times per day). Products can be combined in a savory cocktail (for the preparation of useful drink Apple need to grind). Also, it is acceptable to alternate the fermented milk and apples for hours (Breakfast – apples, in 1.5-2 hours – yogurt, etc.). Norm of drinking water – at least 1 L. the Result of such a diet – loss of 0.5-1kg per day.

Diet for 3 days

the Menu of this diet has a great range of products. Weight loss in 3 days is 1-2 pounds.

• Breakfast: smoothie, made with grated Apple, yogurt, cinnamon powder, 1 tbsp oatmeal and 1 tsp. honey
• lunch and snack: low-fat yogurt – 250 ml
• Lunch and dinner (same menu): fresh or baked apples – 2 PCs. and low-fat yogurt – 250 ml

Additionally, you can drink water and unsweetened herbal teas.

The diet for 5 days

This version of the diet enriched with fish (meat) and cheese. Throughout the day you need to drink 1-1.5 l still water (you can also drink unsweetened teas). 5 days able to lose weight by 2-4 kg.

• Breakfast: yogurt – 250 ml
• Second Breakfast: apples – 2 PCs.
• Dinner: lean meat or fish, boiled – 200 g (as an option — low-fat cottage cheese) and yogurt – 250 ml
• Snack: apples – 1-2 pieces and yogurt – 250 ml
• Dinner: cheese – 50 g apples – 2 PCs.
• Before sleep: yogurt – 250 ml

Diet for 9 days

This diet provides rapid weight loss (over a specified period of time goes 5-6 kg), but the use of the body brings. During its passage there is weakness, there may be headaches, irritability. After a low calorie meal plan weight quickly restored.

• the Days No. 1, 2, 3: yogurt – 1.5-2 l
• the Days № 4, 5, 6: apples – 1.5 kg (normal water is recommended to restrict to the minimum)
• the Days number 7, 8, 9: yogurt – 1.5-2 l

A balanced diet for 14 days

This variant of the diet is quite a diverse range of products, so stick to a similar menu can be a long period of time. The average loss of weight: 4-6 kg. in Addition to the apples and yogurt in the diet included:
• Lean meat, fish, poultry – up to 200 grams per day
• Eggs – 1 PC. per day
• Vegetables – 500 g per day
• Honey (1-2 tsp a day)
• Dietary kinds of bread (1-2 slices per day)
• Mess

Sample menu

• Breakfast: coffee without sugar, steam scrambled eggs, salad of cabbage and cucumber, slice of bread
• Second Breakfast: apples (fresh or baked) – 2 PCs.
• Lunch: vegetable or mushroom soup, a dish of meat and cabbage, green tea with 1 tsp honey
• Snack: low-fat yogurt – 250 ml or baked apples – 2 PCs.
• Dinner: buckwheat – 2 tbsp, fish – 100 g tomato and broth hips
• Before sleep: yogurt – 250 ml


Diet based on yogurt and apples, are contraindicated
• With high acidity of gastric juice
• peptic ulcer disease
• colitis
• With urolithiasis
• the propensity for diarrhea


Diet kefir and apples can be both hard and quite diverse. The result depends on the chosen menu option. According to reviews, the greatest difficulty causes the nine-day diet. Your best bet is a balanced meal plan.