Diet after a stroke of the brain

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The main recommendations of the diet

Diet is prescribed after stroke, significantly reduces the proportion of salt and animal fats. If the person cannot eat unsalted food, the rate of salt will have to be limited to 5 g/day (need to add salt already cooked dishes). It is impossible to enter into the diet of pickles, preserves, marinades and other foods that contain excess sodium chloride. This ingredient retains moisture in the body, which is absolutely unacceptable after a stroke. The restriction imposed on animal fats, can reduce the level of cholesterol in the blood, cleanse blood vessels from cholesterol plaques and normalize blood flow. Another limitation dictated by diet, for sugar. After a stroke, the rate of sugar should not exceed 50 g/day (taken into account the sugar that is present in the food). In addition to sugar in the black list fall and other products: pastry, sweets, etc. "Fast" carbohydrates helps to build body mass and obese individuals the risk of recurrence of stroke is much higher.

Diet diet

you need to Eat 5-6 times a day (small portions). Weight daily serving of food – not more than 2 kg, the rate of free fluid – 1 litre Products can be boiled, broiled, steamed, baked without fat. Particularly noteworthy are the fruits and vegetables containing potassium: bananas, apricots, dried apricots, cabbage, carrots, potatoes, etc. vegetables can be prepared as entrees and the appetizers or side dishes. Do not forget about greenery – it perfectly cleanses the intestines. Don't eat mushrooms and mushroom broth, legumes, radishes, turnips, rutabaga, spinach, sorrel.

Another important element of the food – dairy products. They normalize digestion, improve intestinal peristalsis, provide easily digestible protein. Need to exclude cream, fat sour cream, whole milk and other fatty dairy products. The right sources of protein are lean meats, fish, poultry (skin should be removed, because it has a lot of fat). You cannot eat fatty, fried, smoked meat, salted, fried or smoked fish, canned meat and fish, cold meats.

it is Useful to enter into the diet of diet bread (with bran, salt, grain, etc.). Should not eat fresh bread (preference for bread baking yesterday). The diet should include cereal, cooked in water or low-fat milk. Excluded semolina, do not get carried away and pasta.

After a stroke should not drink strong tea, coffee and cocoa as well as carbonated drinks and packaged juices (they have a lot of sugar). You can drink herbal infusions, loosely brewed teas, broth hips, compotes, jellies sparse, home-made juices, non-carbonated water. Excludes rich broth (you can cook the broth of the secondary). Desserts should be low-fat (excludes ice cream, butter creams, etc.). You can enter in the diet eggs (not more than 1 piece a day) — preference for protein (the yolk can be part of meals).


Diet after a stroke, according to reviews, is of paramount importance. If you do not follow the rules of power, you can provoke a relapse of the stroke.