Diet on buckwheat and kefir

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Briefly about the benefits of diet on buckwheat and kefir

Buckwheat is considered to be one of the most useful grains. It contains vegetable protein, iron, potassium, iodine, phosphorus. Buckwheat is rich in b vitamins Cereals contain sufficient amounts of fiber, while the share of carbohydrates is relatively small. It is recommended to eat under the metabolic disorders, hypertension, liver disease, anemia. In addition, the buckwheat contributes to the extension of youth.

No less useful yogurt. This dairy product contains easily digestible protein, potassium, sodium, phosphorus, calcium, iron, iodine and vitamins A, b, C, H, PP. Due to the presence of kefir fungus drink improves digestion, promotes detoxification and bowel cleansing. Yogurt prevents the development of putrefactive processes in the intestine. Diet based on buckwheat and kefir, helps to get rid of excess weight, improves the functioning of the liver and other internal organs helps to get rid of skin rashes.

Important recommendations

Buckwheat does not need cooking – cereals pour boiling water in the ratio 1:2, wrap and infuse (better to do it from the evening to the morning it was already possible to eat porridge). If the water is not absorbed, the excess is drained. Salt, sugar, spices, fat cannot be added.

When buying yogurt, you should opt for low-fat product (up to 2.5% fat). It is important to consider the fact that fresh yogurt provides a laxative effect, and a three-day drink, on the contrary, strengthens.

Diet diet

Based on the name of the diet, have to eat only buckwheat and kefir. Liquid diet is represented by water and unsweetened teas. Porridge can be eaten to satiety (that is, the norm is not strictly limited). Because unsalted dish much appetite does not cause the risk of overeating is missing. Daily rate of yogurt – 1 l

How to use the products? It all depends on personal preference. Someone alternates between porridge and yogurt on the clock (to eat during the diet should be fractional, 5-6 times a day). Some people prefer to pour cereal yogurt (it turns a kind of "soup"). Dinner should be completed for 4-5 hours before a night's rest. If it is difficult to follow this recommendation, then an hour before bedtime can drink 0.5 glass of kefir 0.5 cups of water.

ideally, no other products in the diet menu shall not enter. If such a diet is difficult to endure, you are allowed to eat throughout the day Apple, grapefruit or orange. Yogurt can be replaced periodically drinking unsweetened yogurt.

Duration and effectiveness of the diet

This diet may take 1-2 days, and a couple of weeks (it all depends on your goals and state of health). Doctors also do not recommend to stick to this meal plan for longer than 10 days. The performance directly depends on the initial weight. On average, a week you can lose weight by 4-6 kg. Rate of weight loss during the second week of the diet will be lower (based on this, it is advisable to settle for a small period of time). Again recourse to the salt-free diet is possible after 3-6 months.

The advantages and disadvantages of diet

Diet on buckwheat and kefir has both advantages and disadvantages. The positive properties of this food plan:
• No need for cooking (except for brewing cereal)
• Fast weight loss
• lack of a sense of hunger during dieting

Drawbacks of the diet:
• the Monotony of the food and its specific taste (unsalted porridge, hardly anyone will like)
• the Appearance of unpleasant symptoms (some dieters complain of headaches, lethargy, bad mood, lack of efficiency)
• the Appearance of sagging of the body (to such a sad result, causes rapid loss of fat)


To the diet it should not be used if there are problems with the work of the digestive system. Any chronic disease may also be a contraindication to it (doctor's consultation required).


According to the reviews, this diet is quite effective, but to sustain it is very difficult. Many dieters limit the duration to 5 days.