Diet Sofia Rotaru

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Rules of rational nutrition

Sofia Mikhailovna watching their weight. The main rule for it is the rejection of late meals (the singer is trying not to eat after 18.00). As recognized by the heroine of our article, with her tour schedule is constantly to stick to such a diet is very difficult.

Sofia Rotaru prefers food of plant origin: fruits and vegetables are always present in the menu. If the weight increases to some extent, she does fasting days on one product (e.g. rice).

Rotaru did not condone strict diets. She believes that weight need to control the time – it will save you from having "fun" over your own body. Sofia M. says: looking good can only be that woman who feels an inner harmony.

Another secret to a good shape of our character is the use of melt water. It is believed that such a fluid has a truly miraculous properties. Melt water normalizes metabolism, cleanses the body, improves skin condition.

For preparation of melt water is required tin capacity, it is considered that in it the water freezes evenly. A container of water you need to put in the freezer or bear the cold in the winter. In the process of freezing liquid gets rid of the harmful impurities and solid particles.

After the water is frozen, we should leave it to thaw in the room. Foam formed on top, should be removed, and the water is filtered. Storing liquid should be refrigerated.

Diet menu

There is a diet that Sofia Mikhailovna adheres to regularly. It is designed for 9 days and consists of three mono-diet (the duration of each – 3 days).

The days of No. 1, 2, 3

throughout the day you need to eat cereal from brown rice to cook it is on the water (fat, salt, seasonings cannot be added). A liquid diet consists of non-carbonated water and unsweetened herbal teas.

The days of No. 4, 5, 6

These three days are devoted to the vegetable menu: eat one only vegetables (fresh, boiled, steamed, baked, stewed). Salt and spices are banned. We encourage you to drink water, unsweetened herbal teas, freshly made vegetable juices.

The days of No. 7, 8, 9

These three days devoted to fruit menu – a range of fruits can be anything (it depends on personal preference). It will even bananas and grapes – most importantly, to observe measure in their use. You can drink water, natural fruit juices, herbal teas without sugar.


Judging by the reviews, in 9 days diet Sofia Rotaru takes 3-5 kg of excess weight. To repeat it is not more often than once a month.