Diet for uterine fibroids

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Leiomyoma, fibromyoma or uterine fibroids — benign tumor that develops in the muscular layer of this body (myometrium). What should be the diet for uterine fibroids? What food should give preference, and what should be abandoned?

Key recommendations

Diet recommended for uterine fibroids should have a balanced composition. Caloric intake is determined individually in the presence of excess weight will have to limit it to a few (extra pounds contribute to the development of disease). The optimal proportion of fat in the diet of 80-100 g / day (priority – over vegetable oils). Excluded refractory and cooking fats and fried foods – these foods stimulates the development of pathology.

the Proportion of carbohydrates is 350 g per day. The main suppliers of this substance should be fruits, vegetables, berries, cereals. In addition to carbohydrates, plant foods provides the body's supply of vitamins and minerals. Plant foods are rich in organic acids, fiber, flavonoids and other useful substances. This food cleanses the body from free radicals and excess cholesterol, normalizes intestinal microflora, contributes to the production of the anticancer elements. It lowers the estrogen level and improves metabolic processes.

If the uterine fibroids it is recommended to use wheat and oat bran ballast substances do not increase the energy value of the diet, reduce appetite, saturated with beneficial elements that reduce cholesterol. In this condition the body especially needs omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids. Three times a week, is a worthwhile inclusion in the diet of fatty fish. We must not forget about vegetable oil and nuts – they stimulate cell renewal and help to normalize hormones.

One of the components of the diet should be dairy products – this are essential for the normal functioning of the intestines. Food at the myoma involves the use of legumes – they contain fibre and saponins inhibit the growth of tumors. The valuable wheat germ — they have anti-tumor properties. Very useful to drink green tea – this drink eliminates free radicals, inhibits the development of fibroids.

Diet diet for uterine fibroids

If the uterine fibroids it is recommended to eat fractionally (up to 6 times per day). The basis of the diet are:
• Soy, olive, sunflower, corn oil
• Various berries, fruits, vegetables (preference remains for raw plant food)
• Branny bread and bread from wheat flour
• Bran and grain products.
• Marine algae
• Mackerel, sardines, tuna, cod, salmon, halibut
• Yogurt, yogurt, yogurt
• Beans, soy beans, peas, lentils
• Any nuts
• Herbal teas, green tea, infusion or broth hips, compotes

the Exception are:
• Margarine, refractory fats
• Fatty meats and poultry
• Smoked meats, sausages
• Fat cheese
• Muffin, pastry

the Products can be steamed, boiled, steamed, bake. The rate of fluid – 2-2.5 years (if no contraindications).


Diet for uterine fibroids does not solve the problem, but supports the effectiveness of therapeutic interventions and inhibits the pathological process.